IMG_7966have you seen breadtalk’s mount fuji swirl bread before? i love how it looks like a mountain..
so.. i was thinking.. wondering.. thinking (the whole night) how it was shaped
( ´͈ ॢꇴ `͈ॢ)・*♡

Recipe adapted from 食尚先生

Ingredients (makes 4)

400g high protein/bread flour
100g low protein/cake flour
70g sugar
7g salt
50g tangzhong dough
8g instant dry yeast
20g milk powder
50g egg
30g condense milk
250g water
40g butter

250g butter for lamination purposes

IMG_7963食材 (可做4个)

高筋面粉 400克
低筋面粉 100克
砂糖 70克
盐 7 克
烫种 50克
干酵母 8克
奶粉 20克
鸡蛋 50克
炼乳 30克
水 250克
黄油 40克


* with personal modifications on shaping. please refer to recipe source for original shaping
* 本人在整形上做了修改. 富士山面包整形发可参考以上原食谱链接

IMG_7973– prepare tangzhong dough the day before. i used my own recipe: heat 15g butter with 27g hot water till butter has melted. once water is boiling, turn off fire and add in 37.5g flour with 3g sugar. stir well and allow dough to chill before cling wrapping and chilling overnight
制作面包前一晚准备烫种 ~ 我用了自己的食谱 ~ 奶锅中加入15克黄油和27克水,煮至黄油融化。水沸腾后,熄火,加入37.5克面粉和3克糖。拌匀、待凉后,包上保鲜膜隔夜冷藏

– mix and knead all dough ingredients (except 40g butter) till dough is silky. add in butter and knead till it is well incorporated. roll dough flat and allow it to rise in room temperature for 30 mins, and then freeze for 2 hours * i chilled my dough instead of freezing
(除40克黄油以外)将所有材料一起搅拌至面团光滑有弹性。加入黄油搅拌均匀即可。室温基本发酵30分钟,压平冷冻2小时左右 *我选择了冷藏面团

– remove dough from freezer, and roll it out. wrap in 250g butter and do the 3 fold roll out twice. rest dough in fridge for 30 mins

– repeat the 3 fold roll once more and chill for another 30 mins

IMG_7952remove dough from fridge

IMG_7951roll it out into a long rectangular sheet once again

IMG_7954swiss roll it tightly, seal seams well

IMG_7955slice into equal portions

IMG_7957press slightly to fit into your baking cups (i could make 6 of these)
the key to me is to cut the dough so that it is slightly oversized for the baking cups
this way, when it rises and bakes, the dough has no way to expand but to go upwards
用手稍微轻压摆入纸托 (我做了6个)

– rise in room temperature of 25 degrees C for 60 mins

– brush buns with egg wash after rising and bake in preheated oven with top heat of 180 degrees C, and bottom heat of 210 degrees for 30 mins * i baked mine at 200 degrees C for 18 mins. at this point, if you realise your butter is getting way too soft, PLEASE CHILL YOUR RISEN BUNS BEFORE BAKING to prevent an oven disaster 
发酵好后在表面刷上蛋液。 放入烤箱,以温度上火180℃,下火210℃烘烤30分钟左右 * 我用200摄氏度烤了18 分钟。烘焙前,如发觉黄油回温得太快,我建议将发酵后的面包再次冷藏才进行烘焙。要不然,有可能一“烘”不可收拾哈!

IMG_7959the “naked” bread after baking
刚出炉“赤裸裸” 的面包

IMG_7965 sift some icing sugar on the bread once it has cooled
also check out Guai Shu Shu’s authentically shaped fujisan bread

Many thanks to PF Deasy Fredericka, member of Facebook group Happy Kitchen… Your selfless translation and sharing has benefited many Indonesian readers out there

衷心感谢脸谱 Happy Kitchen 姐妹 PF Deasy Fredericka 的细心翻译。。更多的印尼读者因你的无私分享而因此收益。。感恩有你

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