IMG_8298Ingredients (makes 10- 7cm buns)

250g bread flour
25g trehalose + 25g sugar (you can use 50g sugar for sweet bread)
2g salt
2.5g instant dry yeast
7g honey
25g milk
25g whipping cream
50g water
50g egg
25g butter, softened

50g butter, softened
30g icing sugar
25g egg
100g cake flour

IMG_8301食材(可做 10个 7厘米小餐包)

面包粉 250克
海藻糖 25克 +糖 25克(喜爱甜面包的朋友可直接用 50克白糖)
盐 2克
干酵母 2.5克
蜂蜜 7克
牛奶 25克
淡奶油 25克
水 50克
蛋液 50克
黄油 25克,软化

黄油 50克,软化
糖霜 30克
蛋液 25克
蛋糕粉 100克


IMG_8300– prepare filling by mixing all ingredients together. shape into a flat square sheet and cover with cling wrap
事先准备馅料 ~ 将所有食材混合,擀成四方形面皮、裹上保鲜膜既可

  • mix all dough ingredients except butter till everything comes together. incorporate butter, and knead till window pane stage. proof till double in size

  • punch dough down and rest for 20 mins. roll into a large rectangle sheet and place filling into the middle. perform the 3 fold rollout 4 times. rest dough for 15-20 mins in between if you find dough difficult to roll out at anytime
    面团排气、静置 20分钟。擀成长方形面皮,中间摆放馅料。面团重复擀压 3折4次。擀面过程中如觉得面团收缩,让其静置 15-20分钟后,再进行擀压

  • after the final roll out, roll dough into 1cm thick and use a 7cm biscuit cutter to cut out discs
    最后擀压过程后,将面团擀成 1厘米厚度,以 7厘米饼干模裁切出圆面皮

  • allow to rise for second time till double in size

  • brush with egg wash (1 egg yolk + 1 tsp water) and flour if desired. bake in preheated oven of 190 degrees celsius for 12-15mins
    面团顶部刷上蛋液(蛋黄1颗+1小匙水),撒上面粉(可免)。送入预热至 190摄氏度烤箱烤 12-15分钟既可



Pollution index: 29 (excellent)


  • Ne says:

    Hi, can I substitute trehalose?

  • 婉婉下午茶 says:


  • 飞回来了?这么快就开炉啦?这么highly recommended我当然要试吃啦。。哈哈哈

  • May Law says:

    令人想念的面包香, 几时飞来我这儿顺便带几粒面包来! 哈哈

  • Mel says:

    I can see those layers clearly. And….orh…..another highly recommended! Wish Im staying next door instead.

  • Lena says:

    Thanks for the recipe.
    Just wanted to make sure: Do you cool either the buttery filling or the dough at any stage before or during preparation? Thanks.

    • Hi Lena, not sure if i am reading your question right ~ did you mean if i chilled it? if so, no, i didn\’t have to. i understand you may be coming from the point of preparing croissants, but for this, you do not need to. the filling, resembles somewhat like cookie dough (less breakable though), so it does not melt in room temperature. however if your room temperature is really (so) high that your butter sweats, and you feel it melting, then yes, please chill it. the people who have tried this had successes without having to chill anything.

      hope this helps and thanks for coming by

  • asianmist says:

    Simply love your blog! Do you have a recommendation of a bun recipe that will produce comparable tender fluffy soft buns (next day) as sold in chinese bakery without using bread improver of course? Thank you!

  • Asianmist says:

    Thank you Victoria for the recomendation! I have tried the 85% hydration dough and also own Nishikawa\’s cookbook. As you have indicated, it is quite impossible to shape the 85% hydration into buns. How was the \”next day\” texture from your post on Classic Hong Kong Pineapple bun? I live in the U.S. what is your take in using Crisco shortening vs. butter to yield a more tender buns in a colder climate?

    • Hi ~ i have also separately left my comment on the pineapple bun accordingly in the relevant post.

      personally, i have made bread with both butter, oil and shortening (i realised japanese like to use shortening). by far, bread with butter gives a good mouth and aftertaste but as the word shortening suggests, it shortens, or meaning it tenderise. so, if you use it to bake bread, it does not truly create that strand-y gluten (if i can rightly put it). the gluten strands are shorten, so you will have a more tender bread as compared to a chewy bread (is this what you want?). on hindsight, bread made with shortening tends to keep better (in terms of texture) the next day. i am stating my opinion from the fact that i stay in a cold and dry climate country, so bread made with shortening did keep better (ceteris paribus). however, do keep in mind the hydration level in the bread also affects. i have made bread (haven\’t had time to write the recipe) with very high hydration level but a very low butter proportion. it was still fantastic on day 3

      ultimately, i suggest using a recipe that best suits health needs

      hope this helps

      • Asianmist says:

        Thank you for the invaluable inputs and keep up with all the wonderful baking. I thoroughly enjoy all your recipes and admire your dedication!! I am too an avid baker. Cheers!

  • Kitlaura says:

    Hi I would like to try yr recipe but not sure how to do the 3 fold method . Can you kindly explain the method or is there any link or video that I can watch it . Thanks so much or your generosity in sharing and look forward to hear from you .

    • Hello Kitlaura, i think i have a link in this post where you can see the 3 fold method. but to summarise for you:
      1. once you seal the filling slab in the middle, seal all seams together, then roll out into a long rectangular sheet (vertically)
      2. do an envelope fold, meaning, folding one third of bottom up, and then the top flap overlapping the bottom flat (this is the first 3-fold)
      3. then, rotate the dough 90 degrees anticlockwise, repeat (2). you will achieve second 3-fold
      4. repeat (2) again and again, and you get your third and fourth 3-fold
      5. finally, roll the dough into a large sheet and use biscuit cutter to cut out the dough

      does this help you? literally it may sound confusing, but when you start doing it, you will get the flow very quickly. in the midst of rolling and re-rolling the dough, if you encounter difficulty, rest the dough by placing a cling wrap on top for at least 15 mins. then try rolling out again. that will make the dough more friendly for a rollout.

      hope this helps, and thanks for coming by

  • Zoey says:

    Hi Vic, how are you? I did this bread today. My filling was being squeezed/ rolled out of the dough? Is this a huge mistake and I should have sealed the filling better? 🙁

    What can I do with the rest of the dough (the dough outside and between the circles being cut) after the 10 rings of bread buns are cut out?

    Is the bread texture supposed to be crusty on the outside or did I brush too much egg wash? Or maybe because the filling was all over the dough?


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