IMG_8355Recipe adapted from 随心歇息站

Ingredients (makes seven 50g buns)

200g flour * i used cake flour
2g instant dry yeast
30g cane sugar
130ml soy milk, cold *i used 140ml as it’s winter

食材(可做 7个50克馒头)

面粉 200克*我用了蛋糕粉
即溶干酵母 2克
蔗糖 30克
冷豆浆 130毫升 *因冬天关系,我用了 140毫升


IMG_8353– mix all ingredients together and knead till you get a soft dough. rest dough for 15 mins

– divide dough into 7 equal portions, shape into ball and place on baking paper

– place buns into a pot filled with room temperature water, cover with lid and allow to proof till 1.5x its original size, c. 25 mins
把面团排放在盛有凉水的蒸锅内进行最后发酵约 25分钟或至 1.5倍大

– turn on fire to medium-high heat and steam buns for 25 mins * i brought the pot of water to a rolling boil, then place the proofed buns into the pot and used medium heat to steam for 10 mins. remember to cover lid with a piece of cloth before steaming
开中大火蒸,约25分钟*我事先将水烧开至沸腾后,再将发酵后的面团摆放进以中火蒸 10分钟。蒸煮前,切记蒸锅盖儿必须裹上一块布

IMG_8350this is medium heat for me

– once steamed, (turn off fire) uncover lid by a little. remove cover completely only after 5 mins

– brush chop with red food colouring and stamp onto cooled mantou

– my habit is always to steam one bun first in order to grasp the right steaming time and heat for the subsequent buns



Pollution index: 219 (heavily polluted)



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