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Recipe adapted & modified from Piece of Cake

Ingredients (makes a 6 inch square cake)

250g frozen butter, cubed
11 pieces of egg yolk, c. 220g
4 pieces of egg white, c. 160g egg white
140g sugar * you can increase if you like a sweeter cake
150g condensed milk
110g cake flour
1/4 tsp baking powder
3/4 tsp lapis spices
1.5 tbsp rum

食材(可做一个 6寸方形蛋糕)

冷冻黄油 250克,切丁
蛋黄 11颗,约 220克
蛋白 4颗,约 160克
糖 140克*如喜欢甜些的蛋糕,可将糖份增加
炼奶 150克
蛋糕粉 110克
泡打粉 1/4小匙
千层糕香料 3/4小匙
朗姆酒 1.5大匙


– grease and line the bottom of cake pan. preheat oven to 210 degrees C (top and bottom heat)
烤盘底部涂抹油并铺上烘焙纸。烤箱预热至 210摄氏度(上下火)

– sift flour and spices together

– beat butter and condensed milk till white and set aside

– whisk egg whites and baking powder till stiff, then add in sugar, followed by egg yolks one at a time

– fold in sifted flour into egg mixture

– fold butter mixture into egg mixture in 3 additions. finally, add in rum, and blend well
将黄油糊分 3次拌入蛋糊。最后拌入朗姆酒

– place cake pan into oven and heat up for 2 mins

– remove from oven, turn oven to grill mode, and turn to 230 degrees C * please note that temperature should be adjusted according to your oven
烤盘从烤箱取出,将烤箱转换成 230摄氏度烧烤模式*烤箱温度仅供参考

– pour 90g of batter into pan, and bake till golden brown. it may take around 5 mins. remove pan, press cake down and brush with a light coat of melted butter (outside recipe). pour in 70g of batter, and bake till golden brown
烤盘倒入 90克面糊,送入烤箱烤至金黄色,约 5分钟。取出烤盘,将蛋糕压下并刷上一层薄薄的融化黄油(食谱外的份量)。倒入 70克面糊,烤至金黄色

– press cake down and brush with a light coat of butter once again. pour in subsequent layers of 45-50g of batter, and bake for about 4-5 mins or till golden brown. repeat this process till batter is used up
蛋糕取出,压下并再次刷上薄薄的融化黄油。倒入 45-50克面糊,烤约 4-5分钟或直到金黄色为止。此步骤重复直到面糊用完为止

– when baking the last layer, turn off grill mode, and turn on top and bottom heat of oven, 180 degrees C and bake for 15-20 mins or till golden brown
烘烤最后一层时,将烧烤模式关掉,开上下火,180摄氏度,烤 15-20分钟或至金黄色即可

i am linking this to Cook & Celebrate: CNY organised by Zoe from Bake for Happy Kids, Yen from Eat Your Heart Out and Diana from the Domestic Goddess Wannabe

And My Treasured Recipes #5 – Chinese New Year Goodies ~ Jan/Feb 2015 organised by Ah Bee of Everybody Eats Well in Flanders

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  • says:

    这个很花时间和耐心 。好棒!

  • 婉婉下午茶 says:


  • LY says:

    Love this cake…but it\’s really too tedious! Yours look really yummy!!

  • Doreen says:

    Hi Vic,
    Love how nice and neat your lapis was.
    Craving for a piece now..mind to send a piece over ;D
    I don\’t mind send you my Valentine cookies tomorrow for a change 😀
    Happy Valentine Day ❤️

  • Ann Low says:

    好整齐的lapis cake. 我每次想到要一层一层烤,就打退堂鼓 😀

  • 厨苑食谱 says:

    拍拍。。。拍手来了, 这蛋糕真是不简单, 太赞了!
    快快切一块来和我一起吃夜宵, 再加一被咖啡给我提提神,
    否则话还没讲完, 我已经回周公去也! 嘻嘻。。。

  • Cass says:


  • Grace says:

    Need a lot of patient to bake this. I like to eat kek lapis but have not try to bake one before. 🙂

  • dianaquek says:

    I know you must be so sick of hearing me say wow and so pretty, but WOW, SO PRETTY. I cannot help it..

  • Hi Victoria,

    I remember this recipe by Mich! She made a large lapis and used lots of eggs to make it and so I didn\’t use this recipe. Good that you have re-calculate the ingredients to make a good sizing one. Love love love the most traditional of lapis 😀


  • Ann says:

    Hi if wanted to make a bigger size kueh lapis
    How to calculate the ingredient.

    • Hi, u may want to refer to the original recipe link for a 9inch cake (each layer, except bottom layer, being 100g) if that helps. I have also used 450g butter as a base for 7 inch square pan, each layer being 73g. The cake is not bigger, but taller which is what I want. In this instance, You just need to multiply all ingredients with the ratio of 1.8 accordingly. Once u work out the ingredients and add it up, just divide according to 18 layers and you will get a technical weightage for each layer of your cake.

      Hope this helps

  • Jane says:

    Hi just wondering if I don’t have the lapis spice what to replace with?

  • suunfun@hotmail,com says:

    hi victoria, is it a must to use rum?

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