IMG_8612a very traditional chinese snack eaten during the Chinese Valentine’s Day (qixi festival).. i was smitten by the looks of this and wanted to try it out
it taste really soft… texture wise, somewhat like bread! really nice snack when served hot
you are suppose to string these together with a red cord when done and hang it on the wall or around children’s neck.. but since it isn’t the chinese valentine’s day,
i shall let it hang inside me tummy

Recipe adapted from Candey


250g flour * i used cake flour
25g sugar
2g instant dry yeast
125g milk * my dough was very dry with this amount of milk, i added an additional 59ml of coconut milk 


面粉 250克 *我用了蛋糕粉
糖 25克
酵母 2克
牛奶 125克*这水量对我的面团(特)不足,所以还另加入了 59毫升的椰浆


IMG_8613– mix all ingredients together and knead into a silky dough. cover and allow to rise

– rise dough till 1.5x the original size. punch dough dough and knead again to get a silky dough

– roll dough into a log, and slice into small little portions

– sprinkle wooden mould with flour, and knock out excessive flour (to prevent dough from sticking to mould)

–  press small portions of dough into the cavities of the mould. press firmly and use a sharp knife to slice off excess dough. press firmly once again

–  knock shaped dough out

–  repeat above step till all dough has been used up

–  heat up a non-stick frying pan over low heat. line the dough starting from the circumference of the pan, working towards the middle, leaving a small gap in between each dough

–  pan fry both sides of the dough till golden brown over low heat. serve immediately * my advice is to pan fry the printed side of the dough FIRST to prevent the heat from further proofing the dough (if you pan fry the plain side first), resulting in the loss of the pattern
小火干烙至两面上色均匀即可 *我建议将压上了花式那面先加热,以避免热气将面团发酵后,辛辛苦苦压出来的花式都不见了

IMG_8615 IMG_8619


Pollution index: 127 (slightly polluted)




  • 厨苑食谱 says:

    亲亲, 我吃过这饼。。是有包入花生内馅的, 好好吃!
    没有内馅的, 我也爱吃。。因为是亲亲你亲手做的, 嘻嘻。。。

  • 婉婉下午茶 says:


  • Kimmy says:

    Hi Victoria, Sonia has shared a recipe on this long ago which I bookmarked but I haven\’t tried it. Yours here is a reminder that this is a great snack not to be missed. Bookmarked this too.

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