IMG_8633Recipe adapted from 爱美的家 with modifications

Ingredients (makes 13 buns)

starter dough
120g high protein flour
16g sugar
4g instant dry yeast
70g water

main dough
280g high protein flour
88g sugar
40g egg
15g butter
4g salt
140g water (please adjust accordingly to flour’s water absorption capability and humidity of environment)

IMG_8630食谱 (可做 13个餐包)

高粉 120克
糖 16克
酵母 4克
水 70克

高粉 280 克
糖 88克
鸡蛋 40克
黄油 15克
盐 4克
水 140 克 (水份根据自家面粉吸水量以及天气潮湿情况酌量增减)


IMG_8636– prepare starter dough: sift flour. add sugar (from starter dough ingredients) to flour. dissolve yeast in water. mix all ingredients together and knead into a dough. leave in a warm environment to proof

  • when the centre and side of the dough forms a horizontal line in the bowl (and dough has a slightly sunken centre), this shows that the starter dough has completed its proofing process

  • tear starter dough into small pieces, and mix it briefly with all main dough ingredients (except FLOUR and butter). add in flour and once you get a dough, incorporate butter. continue kneading till window pane stage

  • shape dough into a ball and allow to proof in a warm environment till twice the original size

  • remove proofed dough, and revert the dough. place it back into the greased bowl and allow to proof for another 30 mins (this step is usually not included when we prepare starter dough bread)

  • punch dough down, and divide into 60g portions. shape into ball and rest for 10 mins

  • shape dough into a ball once again, and place into baking pan

  • place in warm and humid environment and proof till double in size. bake in preheated oven of 200 degrees C for 20 mins
    放于温暖潮湿处发至2倍大小后入预热好的烤箱 200度 20分钟即可

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_8637– as beijing is unusually dry this spring i made the following adjustments to the main dough: i used 250g very strong bread flour, and used one whole egg (c. 49g)
因北京这春天特干燥,我在主面团做了以下调整:用了 250克特强面包粉,并用了一整颗鸡蛋(约 49克)

  • all sugar in the ingredients have been substituted with trehalose. sugar portion in main dough has been reduced to 50g trehalose

  • i made nine 77g buns, and baked it in an 8 x 8 inch square pan
    我做了 9个 77克餐包,用了 8 x 8 寸方形模作为烤盘


Pollution index: foggggyyy in hong kong


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