IMG_8434Recipe adapted from 高Ling 的美食工作坊

tapioca starch 250g
rice flour 60g
glutinous rice flour 15g
sugar 220g
coconut milk 400ml
water 235g
pandan leaves 12 pieces

250克 木薯粉

60克 粘米粉
15克 糯米粉 
220克 砂糖 
椰浆 400毫升
水 235克
斑兰叶 12片


IMG_8435– add sugar to water and heat up till sugar dissolve totally. divide sugar mixture into 2 equal portions. cool completely

– sift flours, and add in coconut milk. blend well, and sift mixture. divide into 2 equal portions
粉类食材混合,加入椰浆拌匀后过筛。分成 2等份

– take 1/3 portion of pandan leaves and add to a portion of sugar mixture. process and blend into pandan water. sift this, and using this pandan water, add another 1/3 portion of pandan leaves. process and sift pandan water once again. repeat the same process one more time. sift the entire pandan water once all pandan leaves have been used up. this way of blending pandan leaves yields a nicer green colour
取1/3份斑兰叶,加入一份糖水,榨汁。过筛,然后再取 1/3份斑兰叶加入过筛斑兰汁、再榨汁。此步骤重复多一次直到斑兰叶用光为止。榨好的斑兰汁过筛。如此榨汁方式可榨出更鲜艳的斑兰汁

– add one portion of the sugar mixture into one portion of flour mixture. mix well. then add pandan juice into another portion of flour mixture. blend well

– bring a pot of water to boil, then using medium heat, alternate between pandan and coconut mixture, and steam each layer for 5 mins * i used 4 spoons for each layer. steam the last layer for 30 mins. please note that you need not grease the mould
将一锅水烧开后,用中火,每层(以交替方式)蒸 5分钟 *我每层用了 4大勺。最后一层蒸 30分钟。注:模子无需抹油

– after steaming, allow lapis to cool completely before unmoulding. when slicing, do not saw the lapis when slicing. slice with a definite stroke. you need not grease knife when slicing

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