IMG_8791Ingredients (makes 8 mantou)

original dough
250g flour
2g instant dry yeast
130g warm water

purple sweet potato dough
200g flour
180g purple sweet potato, mashed
2g instant dry yeast
105g warm water

IMG_8794食材(可做 8个馒头)

面粉 250克
即溶干酵母 2克
温水 130克

面粉 200克
紫薯泥 180克
即溶干酵母 2克
温水 105克


IMG_8796– mix ingredients of both dough separately and proof till double in size

– punch both dough down, and roll out into a rectangle sheet that is of 0.2cm thickness
面团排气、将其擀成厚度 0.2厘米的长方形面皮

– place purple sweet potato dough on top of original dough, and roll up lengthwise. roll tightly

– slice into equal portions ~ do note that you should not slice it too thin to prevent it from falling during steaming

– proof the dough for another 20 mins
切割的面团最后发酵 20分钟

– bring a pot of water to boil, then steam buns over medium heat for 15 mins. turn off fire after steaming, and uncover lid only 5 mins later
蒸锅的水烧开后,放入馒头、转至中火蒸 15分钟。熄火后,再等约 5分钟后再打开盖取出即可

IMG_8797 IMG_8792


Pollution index: 115 (slightly polluted)


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