IMG_8848frankly, this cake baked up really high up.. and then something must go wrong
just as i walked away after reverting and placing the cake pan between 2 mugs to cool
i heard a loud “thump”…. habis…. i knew what happened.. the cake fell flat right onto the table
就在倒扣于两个杯子顶部冷却后,走不远。。。“塔” 的一声
完了。。。 不出我所料。。蛋糕,跳楼了。。

Recipe adapted & modified from 爱厨房的幸福之味

Ingredients (makes a 6 inch round cake with removable base)

35g salted butter * i used unsalted butter and added a pinch of salt
35g top flour
15g black cocoa powder * i used valrhona cocoa powder
50g condense milk * i used full cream milk

3 egg yolk
1 egg * i used 2 whole eggs as my eggs are small ~ net weight without shell 47g

3 egg white
40g cane sugar * i used castor sugar

IMG_8845食材(可做一个 6寸活动底圆形蛋糕)

有盐黄油 35克*我用了无盐黄油并加了一小撮盐
特优低筋面粉 35克
黑可可粉 15克*我用了 valrhona 牌子可可粉
炼奶 50克*我用了全脂纯牛奶

蛋黄 3颗
鸡蛋 1颗*因为鸡蛋较小,我用了两颗全蛋~我家鸡蛋净重为 47克

蛋白 3颗
蔗糖 40克*我用了绵白糖


IMG_8844– beat eggs with egg yolk till frothy. set aside

– bring butter to a boil in a saucepan and add in sifted flour & black cocoa powder in one go. turn off fire and mix well using a spatula * i boiled my butter to 65 degrees C
黄油煮至沸腾,一口气加入所有过筛的面粉和黑可可粉。熄火、用刮刀拌匀*我将黄油加热至 65摄氏度

– blend in condense milk

– add egg mixture to the above and mix well. set aside

– beat egg white till frothy and add in sugar in 3 additions, beating till stiff and shiny peaks

– fold egg white meringue into egg yolk batter in 3 additions

– pour batter into cake pan * i lined the bottom of the pan with parchment paper. pan is ungreased

– tap pan on table a few times to remove additional bubbles

– bake cake using water bath method on second lowest rack of preheated oven with UPPER HEAT only at 170 degrees for 30 mins, then 150 degrees, top and bottom heat for 20-25 mins * i baked mine with top/bottom heat at 165 degrees for 58 mins
蛋糕以水浴法,放入烤箱倒数第二层,170摄氏度、单单上火烤 30分钟后,转 150摄氏度,上下火继续烤 20-25分钟*我以 165摄氏度,上下火烤了 58分钟


Pollution index: sunny singapore


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