Recipe adapted from Anncoo Journal

Ingredients (makes a 7 inch square pudding)

250g coconut milk
500 ml water
1 packet (12g * mines is 10g) agar agar powder
120 sugar * i used 100g castor sugar
3 blades of pandan leaves, knotted
* i added 85g boiled red beans


食材 (可做一个 7寸方形椰子糕)

椰浆 250克
水 300毫升
菜燕粉 1袋(12克 *我的为10克一袋
糖 120克*我用了 100克绵白糖
班兰叶 3片,打结
*我另加了 85克水煮红豆


IMG_8858– cook agar agar powder, water, sugar & pandan leaves in a saucepan over medium heat. stir till sugar dissolves and boil for a further of 3 mins

– discard pandan leaves and pour in coconut milk with a pinch of salt. stir mixture over low heat for 3 mins with a hand whisk. DO NOT BOIL mixture
将班兰叶取出,倒入椰浆和一小撮盐。运用手动打蛋器将其以小火继续搅拌 3分钟。千万不可将燕菜糊煮至沸腾

– pour mixture in a 7 inch tray pan or jelly moulds *i used a 6 inch square pan with removable base. before pouring pudding mixture, i laid the base of the pan with the red beans. cool pudding under room temperature then chill for 2 hours or till it sets
倒入 7寸方模火燕菜模子*我用了 6寸方形活动底蛋糕模。倒入燕菜糊之前,我将模子底部铺满红豆。布丁在室温冷却后,摆入冷藏库冷藏约 2小时或至凝固

– cut into desired size & serve

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    谢谢你,为我们带来美味悦目的好分享! 很讨喜!

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    i know i will love this kind of dessert too..anytime of the day!

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    椰香, 椰香。。。飘到我这儿来了!
    白白的一块, 带着一片红豆, 太棒的你, 亲!

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    这个感觉不错, 我还蛮有兴趣想试!

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