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Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_8902– Replace milk in original recipe with milo: This is how i made my milo “gao” (meaning thick): add 1tbsp sweetened condensed milk with 3 tbsp of milo. add a little hot water to mix, then top with milk to 125ml. measure out necessary portion to use, and… drink the rest (•⚗৺⚗•). feel free to add more milo for a stronger milo taste (i WILL definitely add more milo in future)
原食谱中的牛奶以美录替代:我是这么制作我的美录饮料(加厚版):量杯里加入三大匙美录饮料粉和一大匙炼奶。加入一点热水,搅拌至融化后,加入 125毫升牛奶。拌匀。将所需份量舀出后,剩余滴。。。喝了呗。美录饮料粉可随意增加 ~ 我下回必定(看清楚。。是必定哈)多加

  • as my cake rose very high on the centre rack during the previous bake, i baked it this time on second lowest rack of oven. 180 degrees C, 30 mins and 150 degrees for 55mins
    固之前蛋糕摆在烤箱中层烘焙而升得太高,这次蛋糕用了烤箱倒数第二层:180摄氏度 30分钟后,转 150摄氏度烤 55分钟

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