IMG_8930Original recipe adapted with modifications/根据原食谱另做调整: Echo’s Kitchen

Ingredients (makes a 6 inch square pan cake ~ or feel free to use your desired pan)

130g custard powder
150g sugar + 35g coconut palm sugar (feel free to use white sugar)
250g coconut milk (i used kara brand)
pinch of salt

265g sweet cream style corn kernel

500ml water

IMG_8925食材(可做一个 6寸方形蛋糕~其实烤盘随意也行)

卡仕达粉 130克
糖 150克+椰子花糖 35克(可用白糖)
椰浆 250克
盐 一小撮

甜玉米羹玉米颗粒 265克

水 500毫升


IMG_8921– brush pan with oil and set aside. meantime, place A ingredients into food processor and blend well
烤盘抹油、待用。将 A食材摆入食物搅拌器、搅拌均匀

– bring C to boil, then sift in A. turn fire to medium low heat, and mix well. add in B. stir constantly
将 C煮至沸腾后,将 A筛入。转至中小火,拌匀后加入 B并不停搅拌

– cook mixture till it thickens, around 10 mins. turn off fire
将其煮至浓稠、约 10分钟。熄火

– pour mixture into pan and allow to cool to room temperature. chill till set, then slice and serve

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_8923– the reason i used a combination of white and coconut sugar is because i ran out of white sugar!! but, i was amazed with the result.. i love the mild coconut taste emitted from the kuih. i will however, cut white sugar to 130g in the future, though the current sweetness (which is already very much reduced from original recipe!) will be well accepted by kids
糖的份量用了白糖和椰子花糖缘故是因为家里木有白糖啦!哇~~~~ 可做出来口味儿另偶特满意。。单单的椰子香味儿,让人回味无穷。。本食谱糖份比原食谱减了一大截。。但,我还是觉得甜~估计小朋友会喜欢。要在做的话,我会将白糖份量减为 130克

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