IMG_9058ingredients (makes 8)

350g cake flour (or pau flour)
35g caster sugar
210g milk
5g instant dry yeast
5g butter

食材(可做 8个)

绵白糖 35克
牛奶 210克
即溶干酵母 5克
黄油 5克


IMG_9056– mix all ingredients (except butter) and knead into a dough

  • incorporate butter. knead well till you get a shiny dough

  • allow to proof till double in size

IMG_9048punch dough down and roll out into a 0.5cm sheet, roughly a 32 x 32cm square
面团排气、擀成 0.5厘米面片,大约是一张 32 x 32厘米四方面片

IMG_9049slice out 1cm dough strips
切出数条 1厘米面条

IMG_9050then use the back of a knife or slim chopstick to imprint a divider on the strip

IMG_9051place 3 strips together, and press firmly at the top

IMG_9052pleat dough

IMG_9053roll the bottom of the pleat out

IMG_9054flip the pleated dough i.e. the bottom side facing up. roll it up

IMG_9055tuck the rolled out portion and press lightly underneath the dough and allow to proof for about 20 mins
将擀平处收入面团底部,稍微压紧。发酵 20分钟

  • cover lid of steamer with a piece of cloth and bring water in steamer to a boil, then place in shaped mantou. turn to low-medium heat and steam for 10 mins. turn off fire, then allow to sit in steamer for 2 mins before uncovering lid
    蒸锅盖儿裹上布,将水烧至沸腾。摆入馒头,将火候转为中小火,蒸 10分钟。时间到后,让馒头在蒸锅里继续静置 2分钟后才开盖儿

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_9060– please add water according to the water absorption capability of your flour. you may want to start off with 185ml, then add as you go. you should get a dense dough that has no crackly lines and NOT a super soft dough. if you have a super soft dough, the impressions of the “hemp rope” will not be distinct after proofing and steaming
水份请视自家面粉吸水量以定。建议您先以 185毫升牛奶加入,之后以和面状态再定是否需多加牛奶。主要和面后,面团不可太过干燥或出现裂痕。面团也不该属特软性质。如面团太软,编织的辫子在发酵和蒸煮后,花纹就会因湿度高而消失哈



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