IMG_8786今天是“亲亲~~之约”。。 亲亲,问你准备好了么?

Recipe adapted from 厨苑食谱

Ingredients (makes a tall 6 inch chiffon cake)

5 egg yolk
100g purple sweet potato puree
125g milk * i had some leftover coconut milk, so used 66g coconut milk + 59g water. i added another 2 tsp concentrated pandan juice which is leftover in my fridge
50g corn oil * i used coconut oil
125g flour * i used 88g cake flour
20g purple sweet potato, steamed and finely diced

5 egg white
70g caster sugar

IMG_8784食材(可做一层高高滴 6寸戚风蛋糕)

蛋黄 5颗
紫薯泥 100克
牛奶 125克*我用了家里剩余的 66克椰浆+59克水;另加入 2小匙浓缩班兰汁 ~嘻嘻。。也是家里用剩滴
粟米油 50克*我用了椰子油
面粉 125克*我用了 88克蛋糕粉
紫薯碎粒 20克,蒸熟后切小丁

蛋白 5颗
绵白糖 70克


IMG_8790– beat egg yolk briefly. add in oil. mix well, then add in milk. mix once again

– sift in flour and whisk till there are no more lumps. mix in sweet potato puree * i sifted my egg yolk batter at this point

– add sugar to egg white in 3 additions and beat till stiff and shiny peaks

– fold egg white meringue into egg yolk batter in 3 additions. finally, fold in diced sweet potato. pour batter into cake mould and tap pan on table a couple of times to remove air bubbles. bake in second lowest rack of preheated oven of 160 degrees C for 40 mins * i baked at 180 degrees C for 36 mins
蛋白霜分三次翻拌入蛋黄糊后,拌入紫薯碎粒。面糊倒入模子,在案板上轻拍几下以去除气泡。送入预热至 160摄氏度烤箱,倒数第二层烤 40分钟*我用 180摄氏度烤了 36分钟


i am submitting this post to Best Recipes for Everyone: BREE #10 Secret of Chiffon & Roll Cakes organised and hosted by Fion of XuanHom’s Mom 



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  • May Law (June 5, 2015)

    哇啦。。。亲亲的蛋糕怎么如此的高滴, 是不是像主人家蛤, 主人家是否也是高高滴!
    等我。。马上将剩余的情书给写完它, 嘻嘻!

  • Daisy Tang (June 5, 2015)


  • Veronica Ng (June 5, 2015)

    You read my mind Victoria! I\’ve been thinking about making purple sweet potato chiffon cake. Thanks for sharing.

  • 0620 (June 5, 2015)


  • Fion@轩宏妈 (June 5, 2015)


  • Little Blue (June 6, 2015)


  • chloe (June 19, 2015)

    Hi Victoria. Another majestic looking chiffon. Question. The sweet potato puree. Do you just weigh out 100 gms of sweet potato and process it. You don\’t need to steam this 100gms right? Thanks for help. Regards

    • Victoria Bakes (June 20, 2015)

      they hv to be steamed. when recipes state such puree, it usually is in a consumption stage

  • Phoebii (October 12, 2015)

    Hi Victoria,

    Just want to let you know that I have tried this recipe of yours, and baked it in a non chiffon cake pan. And the taste is really awesome. Looking forward to try more of your recipes 🙂


    • Victoria Bakes (October 12, 2015)

      Wow, u just made my day wonderful Phoebii. Thanks for letting me know and looking forward to see more of your bakes soon

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