IMG_9010Ingredients (7 inch round pan with removable bottom ~ greasing & parchment paper not required)

80g egg yolk
50ml coconut oil
60ml horlicks drink (mix 3 tbsp horlicks with 60ml hot water)
55g cake flour
20g horlicks powder

200g egg white
65g caster sugar


蛋黄 80克
椰子油 50毫升
好力克饮料 60毫升(将 3大匙好力克饮料粉融入于 60毫升热水)
蛋糕粉 55克
好力克饮料粉 20克

蛋白 200克
绵白糖 65克


IMG_9002– preheat oven to 180 degrees C
烤箱预热至 180摄氏度

  • sieve cake flour with horlicks powder 3 times. set aside

  • beat egg yolk briefly and add in coconut oil. blend well

  • add in horlicks drink. blend well

  • add in flour mixture, and mix till batter is no longer lumpy

  • add caster sugar into egg white in 3 additions and beat till stiff and shiny peaks

  • fold egg white meringue into batter in 3 additions

  • preheat pan in oven for 2 mins

  • remove pan, and pour in batter. level batter and knock pan on table for a couple of times

  • bake in second lowest rack of oven. at the 7th min, make a “+” marking on batter using a sharp knife quickly (or when you see that a “skin” has developed on the surface of batter). continue to bake for 33 mins. duration of baking time is c. 40mins
    送入烤箱倒数第二层烤 7分钟后 (或直到面糊表面开始结皮),开炉门,迅速用锋利刀子在面糊划上“+”、然后继续烤 33分钟。全程烘烤 40分钟

  • drop cake pan lightly onto table top from a 10cm height after removing from oven, then invert to cool. unmould after cake has cooled completely
    烤盘取出后立马从 10厘米高处蛋糕连盘往桌面掉、之后倒扣,待凉再脱模

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_9001– you can bake this in a normal 17cm chiffon pan. baking time will be c. 30 mins
您也可选择用 17厘米普通戚风蛋糕模烤蛋糕。烘焙时间约 30分钟

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