IMG_9113蛋糕条纹灵感取自于 qi qi 老师
topo cake design inspired by qi qi in the house

ingredients (7 inch round pan with removable base ~ ungreased)

4 egg yolk
50ml coconut oil
80g banana (net weight)
25ml coconut milk (this is not the AYAM brand kind. feel free to use milk or soya milk)
80g cake flour

4 egg white
70g coconut flower sugar

black cocoa powder

IMG_9112食材 (7寸圆形活底烤盘 ~ 无需抹油

蛋黄 4颗
椰子油 50毫升
香蕉 80克(净重)
椰奶饮料 25毫升(注:这并非平时烘焙用的椰浆。可用牛奶或豆奶)
蛋糕粉 80克

蛋白 4颗
椰子花糖 70克



IMG_9115– preheat oven to 180 degrees C
烤箱预热至 180摄氏度

– mash banana with coconut milk and set aside

– beat egg yolk briefly then whisk in coconut oil

– add in banana mixture and blend well

– sift in cake flour. mix till batter is no longer lumpy

– add sugar to egg white in 3 additions and beat till stiff & shiny peak

– fold egg white meringue into batter in 3 additions

– preheat pan in oven for 2 mins. remove pan, and pour one third portion of batter into pan. level out and sift a layer of black cocoa powder on batter. pour another third of batter on top and once again, level and sift black cocoa powder on it. pour the final portion of batter on it and level cake out. tap pan on bench lightly

– bake in second lowest rack of oven for 45 mins or till a skewer inserted in comes out clean. you can also bake this in a 17cm chiffon pan for 25 mins
送入烤箱倒数第二层烤 45分钟或直到插入的竹签不带面糊即可。您也可选用 17厘米戚风蛋糕烤盘,全程烘焙时间为 25分钟

– drop cake pan lightly onto table top from a 10cm height after removing from oven, then invert to cool immediately. unmould after cake has cooled completely
烤盘取出后立马从 10厘米高处蛋糕连盘往桌面掉、之后倒扣,待凉再脱模

IMG_9116i am submitting this post to Best Recipes for Everyone: BREE #10 Secret of Chiffon & Roll Cakes organised and hosted by Fion of XuanHom’s Mom



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