IMG_9119i used to speak bahasa indonesian like a local.. or i think i used to
but the translation of this recipe just slapped me hard in the face..
all my indonesian has gone back to my lao shi (meaning teacher)

Original recipe adapted from/原食谱取自于: dapoerkoe

ingredients (8 inch square pan cake)

1 tsp baking powder
250g cake flour (author used 200g)
25g full cream milk powder
25g corn starch

100ml fresh milk
50g melted butter

500ml egg white
325g caster sugar (author used 250g)
1 tbsp cake emulsifier
1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp strawberry paste
1 tsp lemon paste (author didn’t use)
1 tsp mocha paste
1 tsp pandan paste

* author also added some vanilla essence


泡打粉 1小匙
蛋糕粉 250克(作者用了 200克)
全脂奶粉 25克
粟粉 25克

鲜奶 100毫升
融化黄油 50克

蛋白 500毫升
绵白糖 325克(作者用了 250克)
蛋糕乳化剂 1大匙
盐 1/2小匙

草莓糊 1小匙
柠檬糊 1小匙
摩卡糊 1小匙
班兰糊 1小匙



IMG_9118– grease and line 8 inch square pan with baking paper

– sift A together and set aside
A 食材过筛、待用

– mix B together
B 食材混合

– whip C till thick * i whipped till stiff & shiny peak
将 C打发至浓稠 *我将其打至湿润、硬性状

– fold A into C in few additions
A 分次翻拌入 C

– finally blend in B
最后拌入 B

– divide batter into 4 equal portions and add in paste into the individual portions
面糊分割成 4等份,在各面糊加入不同口味儿的香糊。拌匀

– steam every layer for 7 mins. after steaming cake, remove cake from pan and allow to cool before slicing
倒入烤盘、每层蒸 7分钟。蒸熟后,蛋糕连烘焙纸取出,待凉切片

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

– i made 80% of the recipe to fit a 6 inch square pan. each layer weighs c. 232g. my modified recipe as follows:
我做了食谱百分之八十的量,用了 6寸烤盘。每层面糊约 232克。调整过的食材请见下:


6g baking powder
200g cake flour
20g horlicks
20g tapioca starch

80ml fresh milk
40g melted butter

400ml egg white (c. 10 big egg white)
200g caster sugar
1 tbsp ovalette
pinch of salt

1 tsp vanilla paste

10 tsp homemade raspberry paste
2 tsp homemade mocha paste
2 tsp homemade pandan paste * i will consider adding 3 tsp in future as the colour turned out pretty light


泡打粉 6克
蛋糕粉 200克
好力克 20克
木薯粉 20克

鲜奶 80毫升
融化黄油 40克

蛋白 400毫升(约 10个大蛋白)
绵白糖 200克
蛋糕乳化剂 1大匙
盐 一小撮

香草糊 1小匙

自制覆盆子糊 10小匙
自制摩卡糊 2小匙
自制班兰糊 2小匙*因蒸出来的颜色偏浅,下回要再做偶会考虑用 3小匙

– i mixed in vanilla paste just before dividing batter into 4 portions. i omitted the lemon paste & kept one portion as original batter
我将香草糊在面糊分割成 4等份前拌入。我也将柠檬糊免了,其一分割出来的面糊为原面糊

– homemade raspberry paste: sieve 250g raspberry through a sieve. add in 2 tbsp sugar & a few drops of lemon juice. blend, and sieve through a sieve with even smaller holes. as this has no colouring, i needed to use 10 tsp (c. 3 tbsp) to get a purple hue
自制覆盆子糊:将 250克覆盆子过筛压成泥。加入 2大匙糖和数滴柠檬汁。拌匀后,运用一个小孔筛子,将其再次过筛既可。因自制香糊无色素,所以我需加入 10小匙(大约 3大匙)后,面糊才逐渐上色

– homemade mocha paste: 1.5 tbsp cocoa powder + 1/4 tbsp espresso + 1.5 tbsp strong coffee. mix and measure out the necessary portion
自制摩卡糊:将 1.5大匙可可粉、1/4大匙浓缩咖啡粉和1.5大匙浓缩咖啡拌匀,勺出需使用的分量既可

– each layer is steamed on high heat for 8-9 mins. at the last layer, i steamed my cake for 2o mins on medium heat
我将每层面糊以大火蒸 8-9分钟。最后一层以中火蒸 20分钟



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