IMG_8722when i pulled the buns out of the oven, our helper went “ZHU!” (literally translated meaning pig)
i replied with half closed eyes… “c’mon, it’s puffer fish lah”
mm… it does look like a pig… maybe a bird… whatever
餐包出炉后,咋们家阿姨吼了一声 ”猪“!
无语回了一句 ”阿姨,是河豚好不好“

Ingredients (makes five 45g buns)

100g strong bread flour
42g cake flour
3g instant dry yeast
3g salt
15g trehalose (feel free to use sugar)
30g egg (keep remaining egg for egg wash)
65g milk (please adjust accordingly as it was very dry in beijing. humidity level in my kitchen was only 28%)
25g butter, softened

1 small can of sardines (i used the ones in olive oil with chilli)
half an onion, diced
tomato sauce to taste

IMG_8723食材(可做五个 45克餐包)

强力面包粉 100克
蛋糕粉 42克
即溶干酵母 3克
盐 3克
海藻糖 15克(可用白糖替代)
蛋液 30克(剩余的蛋液留着收尾用)
牛奶 65克(请适当调整。北京近日特干,厨房湿度就 28%)
黄油 25克,融化

沙丁鱼 一小罐(我用了浸泡于橄榄油和辣椒口味儿的沙丁鱼)
洋葱 半颗,切丁
西红柿酱 适量


– stir fry onions till fragrant and add in sardines. mash up sardines briefly and add in tomato sauce to taste. dish up and allow to cool

– place all dough ingredients (except butter) and knead to you get a soft dough

– incorporate butter and knead till window pane stage

– proof till double in size

– punch dough down and divide into 5 portions of 45g dough. allow the dough to rest for at least 20 mins
面团排气、分割成五份 45克面团。静置自少 20分钟

IMG_8708meantime, roll out the remaining dough (maybe about 45g left) into a square sheet. rest for 20 mins as well
剩余的面团(约 45克)擀成四方形面皮。静置 20分钟

IMG_8706take a portion of 45g dough, roll it into a disc and place a portion of filling in the middle
wrap it up and seal seams tightly
取一份 45克面团,擀成圆面皮后,中间勺入一份馅料。面团包起,封口收紧

IMG_8711cut out a few love shaped dough (from the square sheet dough) using a love shaped cutter

IMG_8712place 3 of them behind the bun. these form the fins

IMG_8713take another piece of love shaped dough

IMG_8714divide into half

IMG_8715place it onto the dough. this form the lips

IMG_8716cut out 2 small circles using round shape piping tip

IMG_8717and stick to the dough. this becomes the cheeks. proof buns for about 25 mins
再沾到面团上形成鱼的脸颊。整形完毕 ~ 面团二次发酵 25分钟

IMG_8718using the back of a knife, make impressions on the fins

IMG_8719use a scissors to make snips on the dough

IMG_8720lastly, brush bun with egg wash and stick on sesame seeds to form the eyes
bake bun in preheated oven of 180 degrees C for 15 mins or till golden brown
送入预热至180摄氏度烤箱烤 15分钟或至金黄色即可






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