versatile blogger awardI am honoured to have been nominated by fellow blogger may for a versatile blogger award..
may keeps an awesome blog with a rich library of recipes , so i highly recommend you check it out
thank you for always keeping me in mind my dear

so what are the rules after you have been nominated? briefly…
1 ~ thank the person who had nominated you
2 ~ post the award badge on your blog
3 ~ share seven facts about yourself
4 ~ nominate 15 blogs who deserve the award and inform them

for more information about the award, please visit this website

ok.. rules rules…. 7 facts about myself

1. i am a singaporean who spent most of my life staying abroad… and (un)fortunately residing in beijing for the past 9 years

2. yes, i am a self learnt baker… i believe the best way to learn is to try (daringly) and make mistakes. my first loaf of bread from the bread machine looked like a meteorite.. and yes, till this day, i still have bakes that i dump to the trash can

3. despite being a baker, i am gluten free 😀 not that i have allergies to gluten, i just prefer gluten free products. so what do i mean when i say a bake is fantastic?  i taste the bake in its raw and final form, then spit it out

4. i started my blog as a private e-diary and opened it to the public in 2013 when i decided to “retire”.. the very simple (maybe somewhat “un”original) name Victoria Bakes was given by my DH.. not sure if he was being patronising (you know.. how men answer you for the sake of answering?) when i asked for an “inspiring” name, i am now “stuck” with it :D.. wellz.. no complaints

5. i can bake.. but i can’t cook (being able to steam is a recently acquired blessing ~ AMEN). i have burnt endless pots & pans :O

6. i nag (i think i do.. a wee bit).. but i also think the word nag is invented by men ~ a convenient word for them to camouflage their to-be-improved listening skills.. i always feel if they do things the first time, we didn’t need to repeat our words again? ya?

7. i am not being unfriendly on Facebook.. but logging into & staying on is a chore (since i reside in china).. so i zap in and out to share my bakes. HENCE, the easiest way to communicate with me is via my blog

and NOW, the blogs i am also nominating (and i think truly deserve) for the award:

anncoo journal by Ann
bake for happy kids by Zoe
baking language by Vanessa
bakingtai tai by cheryl
delishar by Sharon
eileen の 记事本 by Eileen
frozen wings by Lena
guai shu shu (怪叔叔)by Kenneth
kitchen flavours by Joyce
loving creations for you by Phay Shing & Susan
minty’s kitchen by Veronica
qi qi in the house by Qi Qi
rumbling tummy by Edith
wanwantea by wan wan
xuanhom’s mom kitchen diary by Fion

finally (the “grammy” appreciation speech), i like to dawn on this opportunity to thank my readers for your support..
i am blessed to have positively critical, and friendly readers
whether you have written to me openly or privately, i treasure all the compliments and comments you gave
i may not have answered all of you but i have definitely kept them in my hearts..
bloggers like us, need readers like you to stay well on track..

so, thank you.. very much


  • Kenneth Goh says:

    Thanks for the nomination. Much appreciated. You have done very well and love your mixture of creative and traditional recipes..

  • Ming Zublin says:

    Congrats Victoria !! Always has been a big fan of your blog!

  • Phay Shing says:

    Thanks for the nomination, Victoria! I am a fan of your bakes! So creative and you have such a wide range of bakes! I have lots to learn from you :). Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful creations!

  • 婉婉下午茶 says:


  • 厨苑食谱 says:

    嗨! 亲啊, 今天到我来giong hee giong hee你了, 哈哈。。
    还有哦, Baking taitai 和 Lena (frozen Wings)已经被提名过了呀!

  • Ann Low says:

    Hi Victoria, Thank you very much for the award! You did an amazing job. Always love your creations!
    Thank you again 😀

  • Susanne Ng says:

    Thanks for the nomination Victoria! I\’m a big fan of your creations!! Keep them coming!

  • chloe says:

    Hi. Victoria. Congratulations! You fully deserve this award. Thanks for your relentless effort and dedication and sharing your passion with us. Keep it up! Regards Lauren. On another note I tried your black cocoa banana cake. It was fabulous.!

  • Chia Yan Yan says:

    Though I may be new yew to yr blog,I am already enjoying yr shared creations.
    Congratulations on winning this award.
    God bless u always

  • Hi Victoria,
    Congratulations on your versatile blogger award! And thank you for sharing it with me! Much appreciated! Nice to know more about you and how your blog came about! You did a great job with all your wonderful cutest baking creations! Really a talented baker!
    Sorry for not stopping by for quite some time, I am a little slow in blogging in these days, due to some family commitments. Thank you so much for the nomination, Victoria!

  • 0620 says:

    妳值得拥有这个Award 的。。。。嘻嘻!!

  • Hi Vic, sorry for the late visit as weekends and PH are total family time with no baking, blogging etc. Congrats on receiving the award and you truly deserve it for being so creative! Thanks for nominating me but Jasline of Foodie Baker has already nominated me for this award few weeks ago just that I have forgotten to display the badge on my blog.

  • lena says:

    hi victoria, congrats and thanks so much for thinking of me! You are doing a superb work at your blog and you truly deserved it. Keep it up and continue sharing with us all your wonderful bakes! I am less active in blogging, getting a little paiseh receiving this nomination from you! anyway thx a lot!

  • Trace Lim says:

    Congrats, I enjoy reading your blog since the day I started blogging

  • 呵呵,不好意思….姗姗来迟的恭喜恭喜!

  • Veronica Ng says:

    Congratulations! You truly deserve this award, Victoria! I thoroughly enjoy all your beautiful and creative bakes. And I\’ve enjoyed trying out your recipes too; thank you so much for sharing.

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