IMG_9607ingredients (makes fifteen 7.5cm wide mini tarts)

pastry crust
145g cake flour
35g cocoa powder
1 tsp espresso or instant coffee powder
113g butter
45g icing sugar
30g egg
1 tsp bailey’s chocolate luxe (any coffee liquer is fine also)

100g eggs
1 tsp coffee oil (substitute with coffee or vanilla extract)
45g 2-in-1 white coffee mix
160g hot water
60g sugar
40g evaporated milk

IMG_9609食材(可做 15个直径 7.5厘米迷你蛋挞)

蛋糕粉 145克
可可粉 35克
浓缩咖啡粉或即溶咖啡粉 1小匙
黄油 113克
糖粉 45克
蛋液 30克
巧克力百利酒 1小匙(或任何咖啡利口酒都可以)

蛋液 100克
咖啡油 1小匙(咖啡香精或香草精也 OK)
二合一咖啡粉 45克
热水 160克
糖 60克
淡奶 (又称花奶)40克


IMG_9610– prepare crust. sift flour, cocoa powder and coffee powder together. beat bailey’s chocolate luxe into egg and set aside

– cream butter and sugar, then add in egg. mix well, then add in flour mixture. gather into a soft dough

– depending on the size of your tart mould, divide dough into equal portions ( i used about 24g dough per tart mould). roll into a ball, then press into the mould and push it up the sides. make sure sides of the tart is slightly higher than the mould as this will ease unmoulding
根据家中挞模大小,将面团分割成等份(我用了 24克面团)、搓成小圆球后压入挞模。将面团往内侧按并往上推。饼皮需比挞模高一些,如此脱模会更简单

– chill mould whilst you prepare the custard. dissolve coffee mix into hot water together with sugar. stir well

– beat coffee oil into eggs

– pour egg mixture and evaporated milk into coffee mixture. sift mixture twice, then pour into tart casing till 80% full

– bake in preheated oven of 230 degrees C for 10 mins, and then turn off top heat. using bottom heat, bake for another 10 mins on 150 degrees C
送入预热至 230摄氏度烤箱烤 10分钟后关掉上火,降温至 150摄氏度下火继续烤 10分钟即可

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