IMG_9690recipe adapted with modifications/原食谱经调整取自于: cathy’s joy

ingredients (6 inch round pan with removable base )

80g egg yolk c. 4 large egg yolk
120g candied chestnut
25g nutella
110ml milk
60ml coconut oil * feel free to substitute with vegetable oil
40g desiccated coconut
60g cake flour, sifted twice

160g egg white c. 4 large egg white
60g caster sugar


蛋黄 80克,约 4颗大蛋黄
糖泽栗子 120克
巧克力榛果酱 25克
牛奶 110毫升
椰子油 60毫升*可用其他素油替代
干椰丝 40克
蛋糕粉 60克,过筛两次

蛋白 160克,约 4颗大蛋白
绵白糖 60克


IMG_9691– blend candied chestnut, nutella and milk together

– whisk egg yolk lightly then add in oil. mix well

– add in chestnut mixture, mix well. add in flour and desiccated coconut and blend well

– add sugar to egg white in 3 additions and beat till stiff and shiny peaks

– fold egg white meringue into egg yolk mixture in few additions

– pour batter into pan, level top and tap pan on tabletop

– bake in second lowest rack of preheated oven on GRILL mode (i.e. upper heat only) 170 degrees C for 25 mins, and then 55 mins on top & bottom heat at 150 degrees C * see notes below
送入预热至 170摄氏度烤箱,倒数第二层烧烤模式(仅上火)烤 25分钟,转上下火,150摄氏度,继续烤 55分钟*请见小贴士

– upon removal, drop pan onto table from a 10cm height, then invert cake to cool completely before unmoulding
出炉后,蛋糕连模子从 10厘米高处往下掉,然后倒扣至完全冷却后再脱模

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_9693– as i have used candied chestnuts, i also reduced the sugar usage. please refer to cathy’s post for original recipe. you can use either store bought or homemade candied chestnuts. i used store bought
因用了糖泽栗子,我也适量将糖份减了。原食谱请参考 cathy 家博文。糖泽栗子可自制或在外头买。 我家的是买回来滴

– i also reduced the level of flour usage, and overlooked the higher moist content of this recipe. i suggest raising the 150 degrees C baking temperature and reduce baking time
这次也将面粉份量减了,但忘了这食谱汗水量比较高。建议您提高 150摄氏度温度,然后适当缩短烘焙时间

– you can also bake this in a 7 inch chiffon pan
也可用 7寸戚风蛋糕模子烤哈



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