IMG_9763saw this recipe (see snapshot below) originally contributed by Wong CY (steam horlicks kaya cake) on Facebook .. and so i tweaked it into a smaller, layered cake, incorporating milo.. this is nice!
早些在脸谱瞄到这么一个食谱。。。原食谱 ~见以下快照(为蒸好力克咖椰蛋糕)由网友 Wong CY 贡献。。我将其转身变一变,加入了美禄。。。好吃哦

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ingredients (6 inch square pan with removable base, grease & line bottom)

170g butter
60g sugar

260g eggs c. 5 medium eggs, whisked lightly

65g evaporated milk
70g condensed milk
80g horlicks
85g kaya

125g cake flour
4g baking powder

25g milo + 1 tsp dark cocoa powder (normal cocoa powder is fine) + 1 tbsp hot water

black cocoa powder, as appropriate


黄油 170克
糖 60克

蛋液 260克,约 5颗中形鸡蛋,略打散

淡奶/花奶 65克
炼奶 70克
好力克 80克
咖椰 85克

蛋糕粉 125克
泡打粉 4克

美禄 25克+深色可可粉 1小匙(普通可可粉 OK)+热水 1大匙



IMG_9764– mix all of C ingredients together, set aside
C 食材混合搅拌均匀、待用

  • cream A together till pale & fluffy
    A 食材打发至蓬松状、奶白色

  • add B in a few additions, incorporating well before pouring in next addition
    B 分次加入 A. 每加入一份,拌匀后再加入另一份

  • add in C on slow speed. blend well
    将 C 以慢速加入。拌匀

  • finally fold in D
    最后将 D拌入

  • remove 200g of batter, and mix in E to form milo batter. divide milo batter into 2 portions (c. 117g per portion)
    准备好的面糊取出 200克,拌入 E,形成美禄面糊。美禄面糊分割成 2等份(约 117克 一份)

  • divide original batter into 3 equal portions (c. 230g per portion)
    原面糊分割成 3等份(约 230克一份)

  • bring water in steamer to a boil, then preheat pan in steamer for 2 mins

  • remove, and pour in one portion of original batter. level and tap pan to remove bubbles. cover cake pan with a piece of aluminium foil and bring it to steam over high heat till surface is no longer sticky (took me about 12 mins for first layer). remove pan, dust black cocoa powder on top, then pour in one portion of milo batter very carefully. tap pan once again to remove air bubbles, cover with aluminium foil, then steam over high heat till surface is no longer sticky (2nd layer took me 8mins). repeat this process, alternating between original and milo batter till batter is used up. it took me 7 mins to steam the 3rd and 4th layer. for final layer, steam over medium heat for 60 mins. do remember to cover pan with foil throughout steaming process. steaming time is for reference only
    烤盘取出,倒入一份原面糊。表面铺平,在案板上轻拍数下。烤盘盖上一张锡纸,以大火蒸至蛋糕顶部不粘手(第一层我蒸了 12分钟)。烤盘取出,筛上黑可可粉,倒上一份美禄面糊。烤盘再次在案板轻拍几下,盖上锡纸,蒸至蛋糕顶部不粘手(第二层我蒸了 8分钟)。此步骤(面糊以交替方式)重复直到面糊用完为止。第三和第四层我蒸了 7分钟。最后一层,以中火蒸 60分钟。切记,蒸煮过程中,烤盘需盖上锡纸哈。蒸煮时间仅供参考

  • allow cake to cool slightly in pan before unmoulding. allow cake to cool completely before slicing

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