IMG_9698 ingredients (6 inch round springform pan, grease and line bottom of pan)

chocolate base
60g kellogg’s coco pop (2 small boxes)
20g desiccated coconut
165g bittersweet chocolate melted

170ml whipping cream
200g cream cheese, softened
30g sugar
120g full cream milk
100g milo powder
2.5 tsp gelatine powder
2 tbsp cold water

15g finely grounded oreo biscuit crumbs (net weight excluding filling)

IMG_9697 食材(6寸圆形弹簧成形盘,底部抹油、铺烘焙纸)

家乐氏可可力 (coco pop) 60克(两小盒)
干椰丝 20克
苦甜巧克力 165克,融化

淡奶油 170毫升
奶油奶酪 200克,软化
糖 30克
全脂奶 120克
美禄饮料粉 100克
鱼胶/吉利丁粉 2.5小匙
冰水 2大匙

磨碎奥利奥饼干 15克(去掉内陷的净重)


IMG_9699 – prepare crust. add desiccated coconut and coco pop into melted chocolate. mix well, then spoon into prepared pan. press firmly using the back of a spoon. chill for 3 hours
准备饼底~干椰丝和克克力 (coco pop) 加入融化巧克力。拌匀后勺入模具。运用勺子背部将饼干底压实。冷藏 3小时

– meantime, prepare filling. beat cream cheese with sugar till well blended. set aside

– sprinkle gelatine powder evenly onto cold water and allow to sit

– bring milk to a gentle boil over medium heat. turn off fire, and dissolve milo powder into milk.  add gelatine into milo milk, and whisk till mixture is no longer lumpy

– add milo mixture into cream cheese, and beat well. sift batter twice

– beat whipping cream till soft peak, then fold into milo cream cheese

– pour batter onto prepared crust. chill for 20 mins or till top of cream cheese layer is slightly set. sift finely grounded oreo crumbs onto cake. continue to chill cake for at least 3 hours or overnight before slicing to serve
面糊倒入之前准备好的饼底。冷藏 20分钟或奶油奶酪顶部开始凝固后,筛上奥利奥饼干碎。继续冷藏自少 3小时或隔夜冷藏在切片享用

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

– i like thick crust layer. feel free to reduce crust layer and increase cream cheese layer according to personal preference

– stencils from one of my favourite shops, 卷卷烘焙

– if you do not have a springfoam pan (like me), use a removable bottom pan. grease and line bottom. then brush the sides of cake pan with a thin coat of water, and line with cake plastic wrap . when unmoulding, just push cake from bottom up. it will come off very easily
如果你家中没有弹簧成形盘(我也木有),就使用活动底烤盘。烤盘底部抹油、铺上烤纸。边边刷上薄薄一层水,沾上慕斯蛋糕围边。脱模时,蛋糕从底部往上推,一推既出 ~一点都不费力

i am submitting this post to Milo Little Thumbs Up hosted by Zoe of Bake for Happy Kids, organized by herself and Doreen of My Little Favourite DIY
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