IMG_9851i have been trying to perfect this cake for a very long time..
i made many mistakes, and tried many recipes..
by this post, i aim to share my experiences in baking “that” perfect hot cross cake and passing you all this hot cross dust…
looking forward to see your successful one too
这款拜拜蛋糕,在家以试 N 次。。拜了又 bye。。bye 了再拜。。失败了 N 次

Ingredients (6 inch round pan with removable bottom ~ greasing & parchment paper not required)

4 large egg yolk
50ml coconut oil
60ml milk
70g cake flour, sift 3x

4 large egg white
60g caster sugar (divided into 3 portions)

cocoa paste
1 tbsp black cocoa powder + 1 tbsp hot water

IMG_9848食材(6 寸圆形活动底烤盘~无需抹油或铺烘焙纸)

蛋黄 4大颗
椰子油 50毫升
牛奶 60毫升
蛋糕粉 70克,过筛三次

蛋白 4大颗
绵白糖 60克(分三等份)

黑可可粉 1大匙+热水 1大匙


– preheat oven to 180 degrees C
烤箱预热至 180摄氏度

– leave egg white in fridge to chill when preparing egg yolk batter

IMG_9819beat egg yolk briefly (see i use only a mini hand whisk?)
蛋黄略打散 (看到了么?俺只用了迷你手动打蛋器)

IMG_9821add in coconut oil. blend well

IMG_9823pour in milk. blend well

IMG_9824add in flour, and mix till batter is no longer lumpy

IMG_9826your egg yolk batter should be at a ribbon stage consistency ~ i.e. you can pour it easily, but yet it leaves an impression before disappearing

IMG_9828remove egg white from fridge and beat till frothy (i.e. big bubbles). add in first portion of sugar

IMG_9829use high speed to beat it till thick. add in second portion of sugar

IMG_9830continue to use high speed to beat till it begins to take shape. meringue is wet, and not “fine” looking. add in final portion of sugar
用高速继续将蛋白打至成形。蛋白霜是湿润性、看似粗糙。 加入最后一份糖

IMG_9831beat meringue till totally opaque, and thick. it should hold its shape when you lift the whisk. It should be shiny not dull looking

IMG_9832turn mixer to lowest speed, and speed egg white meringue for another 1 min (this stabilizes the meringue and reduces big egg bubbles)

IMG_9833it’s ready…looks like a shiny, silky ocean wave

IMG_9834remove the whisk from your mixer and using the meringue on the whisk…

IMG_9835mix it into the egg yolk batter. fold it in gently using the whisk (NOT SPATULA)


IMG_9837remove one third portion of egg white meringue and fold into egg yolk batter. fold with the egg whisk (NOT SPATULA)
repeat this process 2 more times till all egg white meringue has been folded in

IMG_9839finally, change to a rubber spatula, and fold batter ensuring the batter at the bottom of mixing bowl is mixed evenly

IMG_9840(*) remove about 4 ice cream scoops of original batter (my ice cream scoop is 4cm in diameter) and fold (FOLD, NOT STIR) with dark cocoa paste
(*) 运用冰淇淋勺(我家勺子直径为 4厘米)勺出 4勺原面糊,和黑可可糊拌匀(翻拌,不是搅拌)

IMG_9841pour about one third of original batter into pan. level out

IMG_9842scoop in dark cocoa batter (randomly)

IMG_9843top with another third of original batter and scoop in dark cocoa batter

IMG_9844(**) finally, top with the final portion of original batter
level the top, and tap the pan on tabletop to remove air bubbles
bake in second lowest rack of oven
(**) 铺上最后三分之一面糊,表面铺平、烤盘在案板上轻拍数次以取出气泡

IMG_9845at the 7th min, make a “+” marking on batter using a sharp knife quickly (or when you see that a “skin” has developed on the surface of batter). continue to bake for 33 mins. duration of baking time is c. 40mins (i baked this for 43 mins)
7分钟后 (或直到面糊表面开始结皮),开炉门,迅速用锋利刀子在面糊划上“+”、然后继续烤 33分钟。全程烘烤 40分钟。这次蛋糕烤了 40分钟

IMG_9846drop cake pan lightly onto table top from a 10cm height after removing from oven, then invert to cool. unmould after cake has cooled completely
烤盘取出后立马从 10厘米高处蛋糕连盘往桌面掉、之后倒扣,待凉再脱模

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_9852– if your egg is american size with a standard 20g egg yolk/40g egg white, you will have left over batter to fit a tall cupcake liner
如果您家的鸡蛋是美式型号(也就是蛋黄 20克/蛋白 40克),6寸烤盘容不下这次的面糊。倒入烤盘后,剩余的面糊还可以做多一个高高滴杯子戚风蛋糕

– this recipe allows you to make either a zebra or marble chiffon cake. to make zebra cake, remove half portion of original batter at the (*) stage and mix in cocoa paste. alternate batter by dropping tablespoons of batter into the centre of the pan to create zebra effect. to make marble chiffon cake, just swirl the cake at the (**) stage using a knife or chopstick

– i have attempted “crossing” the cake at 6.5 min after baking it. i think it is easier to slice at 6.5 min as compared to 7th min (you can see i had some minor cracks as the top has hardened quite a bit in 30 seconds)
我试过在烘焙蛋糕的六分半钟后划上 “+” 形。发现在六分半钟划上的 “+”比在第七分钟划的比较美,相比起来也比较好划(以上图片看得出在第七分钟划的有些阻力。。30秒钟的差别还挺大的)

– baking time is for reference only




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