IMG_9914ingredients (6 inch square pan, line bottom with banana leaf)

glutinous rice layer
300g white glutinous rice, rinsed
1 tsp lemon juice
120ml water
150ml blue pea flower solution
60ml concentrated coconut milk (see picture at personal notes)
1 tsp sea salt

kaya layer
60g tapioca flour
55g rice flour
70g egg
150ml concentrated coconut milk
100ml pandan juice

90g caster sugar
1/4 tsp sea salt
120ml water
2 blades of pandan leaves, knotted


糯米 300克,洗净沥干
柠檬汁 1小匙
水 120毫升
蓝花汁 150毫升
浓椰浆 60毫升(见温馨小贴士)
海盐 1小匙

木薯粉 100克
粘米粉 55克
蛋液 70克
浓椰浆 150毫升
班兰汁 100毫升

绵白糖 90克
海盐 1/4小匙
水 120毫升
斑兰叶 2片,打结


IMG_9918– place all C ingredients into saucepan, and stir over low heat till sugar has dissolved. discard pandan leave and allow sugar syrup to cool
所有 C食材放入奶锅以小火加热搅拌直到白糖完全融化。抛出斑兰叶,糖浆待凉

– divide glutinous rice (A ingredients) into 2 portions. add 1/2 tsp lemon juice and water into one portion, and another 1/2 tsp lemon juice and blue pea flower solution into another portion. soak rice for 75 mins
A食材的糯米分割成 2等份。其一加入 1/2小匙柠檬汁和水、另一份加入 1/2小匙柠檬汁和蓝花汁。糯米浸泡 75分钟

IMG_9878drain away water from rice, and place both portion of rice into a steaming bowl. spray some water onto rice, and steam over high heat for 20 mins
meantime, stir coconut milk with sea salt
糯米沥干水份,将两份糯米饭勺入蒸盘。米饭表面喷上少许水、以大火蒸 20分钟

IMG_9881place banana leaf into pan and brush lightly with coconut oil

IMG_9884remove steamed rice after 20 mins, and pour on coconut milk/salt
米饭蒸了 20分钟后从蒸锅取出,倒上椰奶/盐

IMG_9885mix everything together

IMG_9886pour rice into prepared pan, and using a greased presser, compress the rice layer
bring it back to steam over high heat for another 15 mins
米饭勺入烤盘、运用手压模将米饭压实、再以大火蒸 15分钟

IMG_9888sift flours in B ingredients into mixer bowl, and pour in coconut milk and egg
将 B 的粉类食材过筛入容器,倒入椰浆和蛋液

IMG_9889stir well (STIR, NOT WHISK)

IMG_9890pour in pandan juice
(you can add in a few drops of green food colouring at this point if you want a sharper colour. i didn’t)

IMG_9892finally pour in the sugar syrup. stir well and sieve batter twice

IMG_9893scoop kaya batter over the steamed rice carefully
cover pan with a piece of aluminium foil and steam over high heat for 60 mins (or till centre of kueh is set)
烤盘顶部盖上一张锡纸,以大火蒸 60分钟(或至到糕点中央已凝固)

– remove pan and allow to cool for four hours before unmoulding and slicing
烤盘从蒸锅取出、待凉 4小时后再脱模并切片

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_9882– i use Heng Guan packet coconut milk. bought this in FairPrice Xtra when i was in Singapore
我用 Heng Guan 牌子的椰浆。回新时在 FairPrice Xtra 买滴

– blue pea solution: rinse 5g of blue pea flower and bring it to boil over low heat in 250ml of water for 5 mins. sieve away the flowers, and measure out the required portion to use
蓝花汁:将 5克蓝花稍微过水后放入锅中。加入 250毫升水、以小火加热至沸腾约 5分钟。将蓝花汁过筛抛去蓝花,量出所需份量即可

IMG_9915I am submitting this post to Little Thumbs Up~ October 2015 : Coconut organised by Zoe of Bake for Happy Kids and Doreen of My Little Favourite DIY, and hosted by Jess from Bakericious

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