IMG_0550 ever since i posted the killer toast recipe, i’d seen many variations being circulated in facebook
how can i not jump into the bandwagon? Felicia, if you are reading in, you rock 😉
recipe adapted from the above killer toast post
那么好玩儿,怎能少了我这份呐?Felicia (看到滴话) 你是最好滴,你知道么

Directions to make lion king buns/制做金毛狮王餐包


IMG_0530divide kneaded dough into 9 big portions of 51g and 9 small portions of 4g dough ~ total 18 portions
roll big portion of dough into a round ball and use your knuckle to create a depression in the middle of the dough
搓揉后的面团分割成 9份 51克和 9份 4克面团~共 18份

IMG_0531 roll small portion of dough into a ball and fix it to the depression of the big dough
flatten shaped dough slightly

IMG_0532 place buns into a greased and lined 7 inch square pan and allow to proof till nearly double in size
整形后的面团码到抹了油、并铺上烘焙纸的 7寸烤盘中发酵至差不多双倍大

IMG_0533 meanwhile, cut off the pointed corners of 18 almonds
面团发酵当儿将 18颗杏仁的尖端剪开

snip 2 small slits on the top of the proofed dough and insert almonds (round side facing upwards) into dough

IMG_0537 paint lion’s expressions using chocolate paste

IMG_0539 bake on middle rack of preheated oven of 170 degrees C for 25-30 mins (i baked mine for 26 mins)
lions on the right look snobbish!
remove buns from pan immediately and allow them to cool slightly
送入预热至 170摄氏度烤箱中层烤 25-30分钟(我烤了 26分钟)

IMG_0542 squeeze mayonnaise around the bun

IMG_0544 spread pork floss onto bun and serve

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

 – i used 260g very strong canadian bread flour this time. hydration: 55g egg + 155g whipping cream. humidity level in kitchen was only 12%
这次用了 260克加拿大特强力面包粉。水量:55克蛋液+155克淡奶油。我家厨房湿度仅百分之二十

– this recipe makes nine 55g buns
此食谱可做九个 55克餐包

– proofing time: i turned on the oven to the highest temperature for 1.5mins, then turned it off. place the buns into second lowest rack (covered with cling wrap) and proofed for about 50 mins
发酵时间:我将烤箱以最高温度预热 1.5分钟、熄火后将整形后的面团(盖上保鲜膜)放入发酵 50分钟

– to make chocolate paste, mix 1 tsp of sifted cocoa powder with 1 egg yolk. mix well and use as appropriate
制做可可面糊:1颗蛋黄中加入 1小匙过筛可可粉。拌匀后即可使用




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