IMG_0557when i saw this post from one of my bestie bloggers May, i knew i had to make it… indeed, was awesome.. it’s a recipe keeper and definitely something to KIV if you are looking for a quick cake fix

IMG_0559please hop over to May’s for recipe and directions

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_0555– my substitution as such: i used 250g Quadratini dark chocolate cube wafers instead of 400g digestive biscuits, 70g coconut flower sugar and substituted vanilla extract with bailey’s chocolate luxe
我在食谱上做的调整:400克消化饼以 250克 Quadratini 黑巧迷你威化饼替代、用了 70克椰子花糖并将香草精以巧克力百利酒替代

– i topped the cake with an additional layer of white chocolate ganache: i used the same ingredients and method as the chocolate ganache layer provided in the recipe, but substituted dark chocolate with white chocolate


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  • May Law says:

    你也太太厉害了, 竟然将蛋糕打扮成了一个漂亮的小花环, 太喜欢外层的装扮, 非常有圣诞气氛!
    谢谢亲亲的喜欢, 感动哦!

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