IMG_8879thank you “gor gor” for bringing alive a childhood memory favourite
谢谢 “哥哥”给我们带来这儿时的回忆

Original recipe source (with modifications) /原食谱经调整取自于: 怪叔叔

Ingredients (makes 10ish 3cm diameter, 2cm thick candies… lost count as i kept eating.. hahaha)

100g fine peanut powder
30g coconut flower sugar (feel free to use white or brown sugar)
50g maltose
pinch of salt
33g water

IMG_8880食材(可做约十来个直径 3厘米,厚度 2厘米的花生糖 ~ 嘻嘻。。一做好,就不停滴吃,所以算不清啦)

花生粉 100克
椰子花糖 30克(可用白或黄糖)
麦芽糖 50克
盐 一小撮
水 33克


IMG_8881– place sugar, maltose, salt and water into a non-stick pan or deep saucepan. melt sugar over low heat. stir constantly. once sugar has melted, turn to medium heat and leave mixture to continue boiling without stirring further

– once mixture reaches 160 degrees C, turn off fire and pour in peanut powder. mix quickly with a wooden spoon till you get a dough
待糖浆温度达到 160摄氏度时,熄火并一口气加入花生粉。用木勺子快速搅拌成团

– transfer dough between 2 pieces of cling wrap and roll it to a thickness of 5mm
面团挪至两张保鲜膜之间,用擀面杖擀成 5毫米厚度的花生皮

– swiss roll the peanut candy tightly. then, use a sharp or candy knife to slice into portions of 2cm thick candies
将花生皮紧紧卷起。趁热用锋利的刀子或糖果刀将其切割成 2厘米宽度等份

– cool completely before storing in airtight container


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