IMG_9769too good.. this is super yummy and easy to prepare

ingredients (serves 3-4)

200g long grain glutinous rice
1 piece of chinese sausage, diced
15g purple onion, diced
8 small chinese mushrooms, diced
20g dried scallops
5g spring onion (only the green part), chopped
5g coriander, chopped

2 tbsp light soy sauce
1/4 tsp black pepper
1/4 tsp chicken bouillion powder
1 tbsp cooking oil
1 tsp sesame oil

IMG_9766食材(可做 3-4小碗)

长糯米 200克
腊肠 1根, 切丁儿
紫色洋葱 15克,切碎
珍珠香菇 8朵,切丁儿
干贝 20克
香葱 5克(只要绿色那段),切小段
香菜 5克,切碎

生抽 2大匙
黑胡椒粉 1/4小匙
鸡粉 1/4小匙
油 1大匙
芝麻香油 1小匙


IMG_9767– soak glutinous rice for 4 hours. drain water away and steam over high heat for 30 mins. fluff rice after it is cooked, and set aside
糯米用水浸泡 4小时后,米粒沥干水份,放入蒸锅以大火蒸 30分钟。蒸熟后,用叉子稍微将米饭拨松

  • soak mushrooms and dried scallops separately for 10 mins. drain water away, and soak with fresh warm water for 30 mins. once dried scallops is soft, use fingers to press and separate them into small strips. KEEP the water (used to soak mushroom and dried scallop) for later use
    香菇和干贝分别净泡 10分钟。浸泡后的水倒掉,再用温水将其浸泡 30分钟。干贝泡软后,用手指将干贝稍微捏散(可别太散了)。浸泡香菇和干贝的水别扔!

  • heat frying pan with cooking oil and sesame oil. fry chopped onion using low heat till slightly burnt

  • add mushrooms, sausage and scallop. fry till aromatic

  • pour in cooked rice, and the water used to soak the mushroom and dried scallop. pour water in a few additions, ensuring you do not pour too much for otherwise the rice will be too wet

  • separate rice as you fry, then add in rest of the seasoning, spring onion and coriander. continue frying till water has nearly been absorbed ~ serve hot & enjoy!

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_9771– i highly recommend the Golden Bridge chicken wine sausage. it’s really good, and not too salty. bought this in NTUC when i was in singapore
强推金桥牌的醉鸡腊肠。超好吃又不会太咸。吃了不腻。这个是之前返新时在 NTUC 买滴

  • my hubby has pretty strong taste buds, so we added quite a bit of dried scallop. feel free to cut to 10g or just use 10g of dried shrimps
    老小孩挺重口味儿的,所以干贝份量比较多。您可将其减至 10克,或以 10可虾米替代


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