IMG_1035crisp on the outside, rich and nutty on the inside

ingredients ( 8 inch square pan, greased & lined)

240g butter
60g cream cheese
180g sugar
155g egg yolk c. 8 large egg yolk
165g egg (slightly more than 2.5 large eggs)
1 tsp organic hazelnut extract (substitute with vanilla extract)
1 tbsp bailey’s chocolate luxe
1 tbsp full cream milk
240g cake flour, sifted
2.5 tsp baking powder
50g ground hazelnut
15 ferrero rocher, freeze for at least 1 hour

collon biscuits, as appropriate (optional)


黄油 240克
奶油奶酪 60克
糖 180克
蛋黄 155克,约 8颗大蛋黄
鸡蛋 165克,约 2.5颗大鸡蛋
有机榛子香精 1小匙(以香草精替代)
巧克力百利酒 1大匙
全脂奶 1大匙
蛋糕粉 240克,过筛
泡打粉 2.5小匙
榛子粉 50克
金莎巧克力 15颗,事先冷冻 1小时

可珑饼干 适量(可免)


IMG_1020whisk egg yolk, eggs, hazelnut extract, milk and bailey’s together
set aside

IMG_1021chop frozen ferrero rocher into chunks
place chunks into a plastic bag and freeze once again

IMG_1022cream butter, cream cheese and sugar till lightly and fluffy
scrap bowl down

IMG_1023add egg mixture into the above in 3 additions
incorporate well before adding in next addition
(don’t worry if mixture looks curdled)

IMG_1024add in sifted flour, baking powder and ground hazelnut in 3 additions
stir with low speed, mixing well after each addition
your batter should be smooth and silky after the last addition
if not, stir it with high speed for not more than 2 mins, then low speed once again to remove air bubbles
过筛面粉、泡打粉和榛子粉分 3次加入蛋糊
如还看似有颗粒,转高速将其搅拌不超过 2分钟、后转慢速搅拌去除打起泡

IMG_1025IMG_1026fold in chopped ferrero rocher
final batter is very sticky

IMG_1028if using collon biscuits, spread a thin layer of batter into pan

IMG_1029line collon biscuits

IMG_1028spread another layer of batter

IMG_1030line collon biscuits

IMG_1031spread remaining batter into pan
tap pan on tabletop a couple of times
bake in centre rack of preheated oven of 175 degrees C for 60-65 mins
(i baked mine for 64 mins ~ top and bottom of cake will be very brown)
送入预热至 175摄氏度中层烤箱烤 60-65分钟
(我烤了 64分钟~ 蛋糕顶部和底部都超上色)

IMG_1032revert cake to cool completely before slicing


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  • WanwanTea婉婉午茶 (February 1, 2016)


  • Chloe (February 23, 2016)

    Hi Victoria. Just wondering what is collon biscuits. This looks too good to bypass. Thanks again. Chloe

  • Chloe (February 26, 2016)

    Hi Victoria. U are right. This cake is awesome! Rich and nutty and the sweetness is just right. Will certainly do this again with collon biscuits – just to taste the difference. As it is it\’s already very delish. Thanks for sharing. Chloe.

    • Victoria Bakes (February 26, 2016)

      Hey Chloe, it\’s great to hear you like it.. yes, i love the nuttiness 🙂 no worries about the collon biscuits to be frank. i added it to \”beautify\” it but it did not turn out the way i wanted it to be, so seriously, don\’t worry about adding 🙂

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