IMG_0897i’d seen this going on and on in china but decided to get down to this after a friend told me just how unbelievably delicious it was…
ok.. i took a bite after the pictures… it’s O.M.G.
you try it yourself… am using the killer toast recipe to try this out
么么哒~~hin 好 hin 好次!!!

ingredients (6 inch round pan with removable bottom, greased)

110g bread flour
20g cake flour
20g sugar
1g salt
1.5g instant dry yeast
25g egg
65g milk
15g butter

90g cream cheese
10g icing sugar, sifted
10g milk
1 tsp vanilla paste

15g skim milk powder
5g icing sugar


面包粉 110克
蛋糕粉 20克
糖 20克
盐 1克
即溶干酵母 1.5克
蛋液 25克
牛奶 65克
黄油 15克

奶油奶酪 90克
糖粉 10克,过筛
牛奶 10克
香草糊 1小匙

脱脂奶粉 15克
糖粉 5克


IMG_0864mix all dough ingredients (except butter) and knead till you get a soft dough
add butter and continue kneading till window pane stage
(kneading time 20 mins)
(全程搓揉时间 20分钟)

IMG_0865shape dough into a ball and place inside greased pan

IMG_0868cover pan with cling wrap and allow to proof with a pot of boiling water in the oven till double in size
(took me about 90 mins)
(我用了 90分钟)

IMG_0870bake in second lowest rack, preheated oven of 170 degrees C for 25-30 mins
(i baked for 28 mins. tent bread with foil if it browns quickly)
allow bread to cool on wire rack completely
送入预热至 170摄氏度倒数第二层烤箱烤 25-30分钟
(我烤了 28分钟~ 烘烤过程中,适当时候将面团盖上锡纸)

IMG_0878meantime, prepare filling
beat cream cheese with sifted icing sugar (using low speed) over a pot of simmering water till mixture is no longer lumpy

IMG_0879scrap bowl down

IMG_0880add milk in 3 additions, mixing well before adding in the next portion

IMG_0881pour in vanilla paste and mix well

IMG_0882chill mixture for 30 mins
冷藏 30分钟

IMG_0883sift skim milk powder with icing sugar onto a plate

IMG_0884slice bread into quarters

IMG_0886take each quarter and make 2 slits (do not cut through)

IMG_0887spread filling into the slits

IMG_0888then spread filling onto the sides of the bread

IMG_0889 IMG_0890finally, press sides of the bread onto sifted milk powder/sugar

IMG_0893feast! enjoy~~

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_0896– i used hokkaido milk, bread flour and skim milk powder. if possible, do try to use hokkaido milk powder ~ i do think it makes a difference


  • May Law says:

    亲,我也看中了这个面包,Bookmark 了几个月了也是迟迟未动手。现在啊,很想马上动手了。。。

  • Natasha says:

    Hi Dear, can I replaced the vanilla paste to vanilla extract?

  • Tet Chu says:

    Hi dear,if I am making double portion of this bread,how long should I bake for?

    • Victoria says:

      If baking in two separate tins, baking time shouldn’t make a difference. If you mean one big dough (and since I do not know how big a tin you are using), please bake till internal temp of dough reaches 96 degrees C. That’s my best advice to you

  • memoriesPT says:

    hi Viictoria, at first I thought the recipe is using cream cheese in it (not as a filling). Since this is using the Killer Toast base recipe, how come I see the texture of this bread and Killer Toast is abit different? This one looks so much like a cake the texture.

  • Mok says:

    Hi! I tried this bread recipe today cos I am very curious how the bread turns out. Hope you can advise me on the kneading part.. Before adding the butter, the dough is quite sticky to handle even after I knead for 10mins. After I added the butter, the dough started to come together nicely. But when I continue kneading longer, it started to be sticky again like before and I had to stop kneading. Is this normal? Did I over knead? Because I don’t think it reached the window pane stage so I continue to knead. Total kneading time is about 15 mins. You stated 20 minutes for kneading time. Is it machine knead or hand knead? Luckily after proofing, the dough is less sticky. The final bread is quite soft and tasty. Hope you can help me on my doubts. Thanks for the recipe though!

  • kemala says:

    can i make it eggless?8

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