250g bread flour
2.5g instant dry yeast
25g sweetened condense milk
25g egg
110g water
25g butter


面包粉 250克
即溶干酵母 2.5克
甜炼奶 25克
蛋液 25克
水 110克
黄油 25克


IMG_1983mix ALL ingredients together and knead till you get a shiny dough
(c. 6 mins ~ no need window pane stage)
allow to rest for 30mins
(约 6分钟~无需搓至拓展装)
静置 30分钟

IMG_1984without punching dough down, slice off a 150g portion
面团无需排气~切割出一份 150克面团

IMG_1985shape according to above pic ~ bulkier on one end, and slimmer on the other end
(this forms the body ~ c. 20cm in length)
整形如上图 ~一段比另一段胖
(这既是龙虾的身体~长度约 20厘米)

IMG_1986cut out two portions of 2g dough, two portions of 3g dough and one portion of 6g dough
flatten and shape per above (2g and 3g dough shaped into teardrop and 6g into oval)
切割出两份 2克面团、两份 3克面团及一份 6克面团
擀平、整形如上图(2克和 3克整形成眼泪造型、6克擀成椭圆形)

IMG_1987first place the 3g portions onto the slimmer end of the body
身体细段摆上 3克面片

IMG_1988top it with 2g portion
叠上 2克面片

IMG_1989then cover with the 6g dough
this forms the tail
然后盖上 6克面片

IMG_1990 IMG_1991make markings on the tail

IMG_1994cut out a 12g portion of dough and roll into a flat oval disc
切出一份 12克面团、擀成椭圆形面片

IMG_1995line it at the end of the body, covering the tail

IMG_1996wrap excess dough around the body (don’t wrap too tightly)
let’s call this (A)

IMG_1997cut out a 14g portion of dough and roll into a flat oval disc
then place it on the halfway mark of A
wrap excess dough around the body (once again, not too tight)
let’s call this (B)
切出一份 14克面团、擀成椭圆形面片
摆放在 A的中间点

IMG_1998repeat the above process:
cut out a 17g portion of dough and roll into a flat oval disc
then place it on the halfway mark of B
wrap excess dough around the body (once again, not too tight)
let’s call this (C)
切出一份 17克面团、擀成椭圆形面片
摆放在 B的中间点

IMG_1999one more time ~
cut out another 17g portion of dough and roll into a flat oval disc
then place it on the halfway mark of C
wrap excess dough around the body (once again, not too tight)
let’s call this (D)
squeeze the left end of D a bit
再切出一份 17克面团、擀成椭圆形面片
摆放在 C的中间点

IMG_2000cut out a 40g dough and roll it out into a big flat disc
place it on the left end of the body, which is the head
分割出一份 40克面团、擀成大圆皮

IMG_2001wrap dough around the head

IMG_2002 IMG_2003use round shaped cookie cutter to make markings on the head

IMG_2004cut out a 10g portion of dough
分割出一份 10克面团

IMG_2006snip it into half of one end, and roll the other end into a slim log
this forms the claw

IMG_2007cut out a 4g dough, and flatten into an oval disc
wrap around the claw
分割出一份 4克面团、擀成椭圆形面片

IMG_2009roll this into a slim log once again

IMG_2010roll a 7g dough portion into an oval disc and wrap around the above claw at halfway mark
将一份 7克面团擀成椭圆形、在之前的钳子中间点裹上

IMG_2011then roll the claw on one end into a slim log

IMG_2012place the formed claw underneath the lobster’s head

IMG_2013this is what it should look like

IMG_2014repeat the same process for the other claw

IMG_2016snip open the pointed head as above

IMG_2017then roll 2 very tiny round dough and attach as eyes

IMG_2019use toothpick to prick several holes on the head and claw

IMG_2018roll out two portions of 2g dough into thin log
将两份 2克面团揉成细长条

IMG_2020attach to the side of the eyes

IMG_2021and we are done with the head

IMG_2022finally divide out eight portions of 1g dough and shape into legs
最后分割出八份 1克面团、整形成脚

IMG_2023allow bread to rise for about 30 mins then brush with egg wash
面包发酵约 30分钟后刷上蛋液

IMG_2024bake in centre rack of 200 degrees C preheated oven for about 25 mins
送入预热至 200摄氏度中层烤箱烤 25分钟即可

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_2028– as this is my first time trying this, i had a leftover of 85g dough. you can choose to increase the weight of the body and claws accordingly
因这是第一次做龙虾面包,摸索当儿、误算,还有 85克剩余面团。如果您想做这个造型,可将身体和钳子部位适当增加面团

– i’d make the body a bit longer in the future as i ended up with a big fat lobster
下次做会将身体加长~ 这次烤出来的龙虾胖胖滴。。该减肥喔

– do tent lobster with foil to prevent over browning

– i brushed the lobster with 3 coats of egg wash
龙虾我刷上了三次蛋液 IMG_2025


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    Victoria, you are fantastic!

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    哇啦。。龙虾面包, 唯独亲家所有了! 太太劲了!

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  • tracy (September 22, 2016)

    hi..interested to try this out..May I know it will stick tidely the dough when I join the legs head all that? will it drop off when I bake?

  • Victoria (September 22, 2016)

    Hi, mine didn’t. In fact I didn’t eat the bread. We left it as a display and would have considered hanging it up in the kitchen. If your dough is way toooo dry (meaning you can see hairline cracks), you will have a problem of it sticking together . U may want to take extra care on the little parts of the tail and spray s bit of water for it to stay if necessary. Have fun

    • tracy (September 22, 2016)

      left it as display? it wont expired date? like we over the date for the bread be black

      • Victoria (September 22, 2016)

        Of course we don’t eat it since we left it as a display. In general I keep homemade bread for no more than three days . But as a display, this one lasted . I rem having it on my dining table for at least three weeks and there was no sign of mold (the external. I did not tear the lobster apart to check inside). Do note that bread freshness Also depends on how u store your bread and the climate you are in

      • tracy (September 23, 2016)

        may I know how to keep freshness of the bread as you said?

        • Victoria (September 23, 2016)

          Do note that this is a lean dough so I will probably try to consume with soup during dinner and not keep the bread more than two days. If you are talking abt keeping bread fresh in general, everyone has different methods to share depending on climate . You may like to google for some ideas. For me being in a dry climate, I double cling wrap, Ziplock and keep in a sealed bread bag. I do not trust bread tins for my climate. It never worked

          • tracy (September 23, 2016)

            ok.noted..thanks for the advise.last I want to know may I replace the condensed milk with others like full cream milk or ….?

          • Victoria (September 24, 2016)

            Please do not substitute

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