interestingly, the texture of this bun is chewy… even chewier when eaten cooled
有趣~这馒头吃起来竟然有些嚼劲~~冷却后更 Q 哈!

ingredients (makes seven 70g buns)

260g cake flour, sifted
2g instant dry yeast
40g sugar
200g shredded carrot
40ml water

(可做七颗 70克馒头)

蛋糕粉 260克、过筛
即溶干酵母 2克
糖 40克
胡萝卜 200克、刨丝儿
水 40毫升


mix shredded carrot with water in blender and puree carrot till fine
you should get about 220g carrot puree
最终萝卜泥净重约 220克

mix all ingredients together and knead for about 10 mins
所有食材混合、搅拌成团~约 10分钟

dough is slightly sticky

place it onto tabletop. dust lightly with flour and knead into a soft silky dough
final dough should no longer be sticky
proof till double in size

divide dough into 7 equal portions

take a portion of dough and dust it generously with flour

place it onto a towel, seam side facing up

squeeze the towel gently

release towel, and place dough right side up
i.e. seam side facing downwards this time
shape it slightly into a ball (do not need to be overly round)

make an indentation in the middle of the dough with a chopstick or fondant shaping tools

allow shaped dough to rest for 20 mins
整形后的面团静置 20分钟

bring water in steamer to boil
steam buns over high heat for 8 mins
after turning off fire, allow it to continue sitting in the steamer for another 5 mins before removing lid
cool buns then decorate with (real) mandarin oranges’ leaves
大火蒸 8分钟
熄火后,然馒头在蒸锅里继续焖 5分钟在开盖儿




  • Good way of getting kids to eat their veg.

  • May Law says:

    亲你实在太厉害了, 这真是个创意十足的包子啊!

  • faithybakes says:

    Ooo..i like chewy food!!..I have to make them this weekend..:D Thanks for sharing!

  • 天啊!!橘子?包子?我又傻傻分不清了!!太太太像了!!!!

  • tan says:

    hi..ur last allow rest for 20min..i need to cover it?

  • Elaine Q says:

    Dear Victoria, Thank you sharing your creation. It\’s so lovely looking. Can add fillings inside?

  • kristy says:

    Mdm, these steamed mantou are sooo adorable. Wish I can grab one from here.
    Happy weekend dear.
    Blessings, Kristy

  • vtree says:

    lovely!!! i thought it was real orange!!
    thank you for sharing the it ok if I substitute the cake flour with all purpose?

  • tan says:

    hi…tried to make it last nite.My dough seem very sticky..May I know the puree carrot I need wait till dry finish only mix to all ingredients?

    • Hi tan, no no need to dry it. This means you do not need to much liquid and maybe your flour absorb lesser liquid. If you refer to one of my pictures above, my dough was also quite sticky but not like a cake batter. I had to hand knead but I did refrain from adding too much flour . The ultimate dough was really very soft in hand but not sticky. What you can do is this – purée carrot, use the carrot first to mix with the dough, then add water if necessary . Hope this help

  • mei says:

    Hi..whats the main point need use towel to squeeze the dough in your step there?

  • Jully says:

    HI Victoria, thanks for sharing the recipe. Its good cause contains no dairy + egg at all 🙂

    I was trying to make it using all purporse flour and kneaded it by hand for more than 30 mins, still sticky -___- I had to add flour on surface and my hands. I didnt add any water as your suggestions (browsed through your comments section)

    May I ask you, to make a carrot puree is by blending 40 ML water together with 200 gr shredded carrot? Cause I had done so and I got approximately 212 gr 🙂

    Thank You and hope to get your feedback 🙂

    Have a nice day, Victoria 🙂

    • Hi Jully, thanks for taking time to read the comments section… I always encourage readers to do that 🙂 ok, it just seem that you will not need all the 40ml water then. If you can purée your carrot without adding water (I couldn\’t get my processor going without water) , do that. Then add the carrot purée to flour and knead. Add water only when necessary. You had the same issue as one of my reader, tan, as well.. So you can also refer to my comments to her. Do note that the ultimate dough is very very super, as if it can barely hold itself up properly. But it shouldn\’t be so sticky that you couldn\’t manage even after flouring generously. Hope this helps

      • Jully says:

        Hi Victoria, yes I refer to your reply to Tan then only I didn\’t add water more than 40 ML. I am using Vitamix, maybe next time I can just blend shreddered carrot without any water or use less than 40ML 🙂

        I just ate it plain, taste like man tou. I dont know how it is suppose to taste. Just know that homemade bun is the best and know what ingredients that we put on it.

        Thank You, Victoria for your reply 🙂

        • It should be slightly chewy 🙂 but in general yes just a normal steam mantou. Maybe I should have been clearer: when i mentioned lesser water, actually meant lesser than the 40ml water. Thanks for coming by. Always gratifying to have such polite readers like you 🙂

  • Jully says:

    Hi Victoria,

    One last Q, 2 gr yeast convert to tsp is 1/8 or 1/16? Sorry for asking such a Q. My dough didn\’t rise double size and yeast still working. Don\’t know whether because I made it sometime around 4 pm & have it sit on warm place for 1 hour or just my mistake.

    I will try this recipe again sometime next week 🙂

    • I take 3gr as one teaspoon 🙂 actually I do strongly advise getting a digital scale that weighs small quantity . You will def find it useful

      • Jully says:

        I just less than 1/4 tsp just now. Yeah, I have digital scale but it didn\’t work when I tried to weigh 2-3 gr yeast . Scale stands 0 gr. So sad.

        Anyway, I have known my mistakes. Next week I will try to re-make it 🙂

        Thank You and wish you a blessed weekend 🙂

        • I should buy one of those scales that measures to 0.1g (usu these measures small quantities ) It can capture single digit weight ingredients better. Enjoy your wkend too

  • Shirley says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful orange Mantou .Many of them were deceived when they saw those “oranges”and thought they were real Mandarin Oranges.
    Hope I can post these Mandarin Orange Mantou to share with you.

  • ANDRIA CHEW says:

    Hi Victora, thanks for sharing your recipe. Now that CNY is just round the corner, thought I’d give it a try. Can i substitute with Hi protein flour?

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