ingredients (makes 9)

bread roll
sponge dough
136g milk
210g bread flour
15g caster sugar
3g instant dry yeast

main dough
90g bread flour
10g milk powder
1 egg + milk = 80g (net weight of my egg is 54g)
1g instant dry yeast
4g sea salt
45g caster sugar
45g softened butter

1 egg yolk + 1 tbsp milk


牛奶 136克
面包粉 210克
细砂糖 15克
即溶干酵母 3克

面包粉 90克
奶粉 10克
鸡蛋 1颗 + 牛奶 = 80克(我家鸡蛋净重为 54克)
即溶干酵母 1克
海盐 4克
细砂糖 45克
软化黄油 45克

1颗蛋黄 + 1勺牛奶


mix all sponge dough ingredients together and knead till it is silky
no need to knead till window pane stage
allow to rise with 26 degrees C room temperature till 3-4x in size
室温 26摄氏度发酵至 3-4倍大

prepare main dough
in mixer bowl, add in ingredients as follows:
first: egg and milk
then salt and sugar and sponge dough (cut into small pieces)
top with bread flour, yeast and milk powder
knead till everything comes together then add in butter

knead till window pane stage

rest dough for 30mins
purpose of this stage is to make dough more pliable
面团松弛 30分钟

divide dough into 18 portions and rest for 20 mins
面团分割成 18等份、松弛 20分钟

roll 2 portions off dough into flat disc and slice into half
overlap and roll as above
seal seams well
place into 8 inch square pan and proof till double in size
brush with egg yolk mixture
bake in centre rack of 160 degrees preheated oven for 25-30 mins (i baked mine for 27 mins)
送入预热至 160摄氏度中层烤箱烤 25-30分钟(我烤了 27分钟)

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

– i mixed 10g of raw honey with 10g of warm water, and brushed it on the buns once out of oven. upon cooling, dusted snow powder on top. this is absolutely optional


  • Michelle says:

    Hi, does this” japanese milk roll method” produce the same soft bread texture similar to “killer toast (one time proofing)” ?

    If yes, wouldn’t it be easier and faster to just use killer toast recipe? Thanks

    • Victoria says:

      Hi Michelle, in terms of texture, I think they are comparably soft. But killer toast is a one proofing dough, which is meant to be a convenient bake. To that end, the flavours of the wheat and ingredients used does not infuse as much into the end product. Also, the reason for temperature controlled proofing in first and second rise helps to yield a more delicate finished product in my view.

      I do hope this helps.

  • Katrina Tan says:

    EXCELLENT!!! Super easy, super soft, super yummy!

  • Kwinarti says:

    I’ve tried once, and I think the texture is softer than that of killer soft. Love it!

  • Hi, I just tried this recipe today but i met with some difficulties. After mixing the sponge dough into the main dough, using a stand mixer, i kneaded for more than 45 mins, my dough was still very sticky, hard to manage with hands. Can you please advise me what went wrong even though i followed everything correctly.

    • Victoria says:

      Hi so sorry to hear about that. The first thing that comes to my mind is that your flour’s water absorption capability isn’t that strong . This leaves you with a very sticky dough. Try reducing or setting aside 10-20g liquid on the sponge dough and add only when necessary. Of course you don’t want to cut back too much.

      In general the final dough is not lean and needs minimal flouring for shaping. But it is also the hydration that results in a soft bread. Don’t give up. I hope to hearing from you on your success

      • Jessline Goh says:

        I encountered the same issue too. The final dough was too sticky. How long does it take to achieve the window pane stage? I was using a hand mixer.

        • Victoria says:

          Hi Jessline

          It usually takes me pretty fast (15 mins?) to get window pane with a very hydrated dough. Reason being I can knead the dough on high speed as it is not as burdening as a lean dough (does this make sense to you?)

          By 15 mins of kneading, I will know if the dough needs additional flouring. I suspect you need to reduce hydration or change flour

  • Ming says:


    Do you think this dough is suitable to use for animal shaping? or your killer toast recipe is a better choice for animals shaping because it retains shapes better?

  • Shirleen Ong says:

    Hi there… for the sponge dough, how long it takes for it to rise 3-4 in size?
    Possible to do it with a bread maker? Any tips? Thank you.

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