1.5kg pork belly
1 tbsp five spice powder
1 tbsp sea salt
1 tbsp sugar
1.5 tbsp shaoxing wine
8 tbsp white vinegar

五花肉 1.5公斤
五香粉 1大匙
海盐 1大匙
糖 1大匙
绍兴酒 1.5大匙
白醋 8大匙Directions/做法

wash and pat dry pork belly
bring a wok of water to boil and place in pork belly (skin side facing down)
boil till fats turn opaque
(boiling water should cover ONLY the fats, not the meat)

pat dry pork belly. score skin several times and poke it with holes
(the more and closely the “pokes”, the better the bubbling effect)
猪肉沥干水份。猪皮割上数刀并扎孔(关键步骤- 扎得越多,起泡效果越佳)

place meat side facing upwards and slice at equal intervals
ensure not to slice through the skin
pour in all seasoning ingredients (except vinegar) and marinate meat (NOT THE SKIN) thoroughly

pour vinegar into a shallow pan
sit skin side into vinegar for 10 mins (ensuring that you do not soak the meat ~ hence do adjust the amount of vinegar required accordingly)
将猪皮浸泡白醋 10分钟(不要浸猪肉~所以亲们请适量调整白醋所需份量)

dab away excess vinegar and wrap pork meat snugly with 2 layers of aluminium foil
leave skin exposed
place pork belly into fridge UNCOVERED for at least 12 hours so that the skin can dry out completely
将其冷藏至少 12小时。无需盖上锡纸、以便冷藏库将猪皮吹干

allow pork belly to return to room temperature on day of roasting
roast pork belly with the foil in centre rack of 150 degrees C preheated oven for 55 mins
猪肉连锡纸送入预热至 150摄氏度中层烤箱烤 55分钟

increase temperature to 250 degrees C and roast for 15 mins
温度调至 250摄氏度续烤 15分钟

reduce temperature and finish roasting for another 25 mins
entire cooking process will take about 95 mins
(baking time and temperature for reference only)
降温至 235摄氏度烤 25分钟。全程烘焙时间 95分钟

remove roast pork from aluminium foil (there will be a thick layer of liquid fats in the foil) & place onto a cooling rack
allow it to rest for 15 mins before slicing and serving
将猪肉从锡纸取出(锡纸有一层厚厚的肥猪油),摆放到冷却架静止 15分钟即可切开享用

Personal notes/温馨小贴士
– the meat portion of my roast pork was quite pale at the end of the roasting time. however, after cooling, it started to take on a darker colour ~ pretty interesting

– purpose of 150 degrees C (first stage roasting) is to cook the meat using low temperature so as to keep it tender. the cranking up to 250 degrees C is to create the crackling/bubbling effect and the last stage at 235 degrees C is to continue to brown the belly whilst continuing with bubbling effect. with this in mind, play around with your oven to achieve the desired effect
第一阶段以 150摄氏度烤猪肉是为了用低温将猪肉烤得嫩。第二阶段的 250摄氏度是让猪皮起泡,而最后阶段是以上色为主~当然也是起到起泡作用。各家烤箱脾气不同,所以亲们需自行调整哈

– I used free range pork belly from little farms (my go-to supermarket)
我用了 little farms 家的溜达猪五花肉

– how crispy is it? just watch the video below


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