ingredients (makes 8)

270g pau/cake flour
175g cold water
2.5g instant dry yeast
5g caster sugar

170g minced chicken thigh meat (about 2 chicken thighs)
2.5g potato starch
0.5g sea salt

65g baby wongbok
3g ginger powder
5g sesame oil
5g fish sauce
10g abalone sauce (substitute with oyster sauce)
3g potato starch
0.1g white pepper powder 食材(可做 8个)

香港粉/蛋糕粉 270克
冰水 175克
即溶干酵母 2.5克
细砂糖 5克

琵琶腿肉、剁碎 170克(约两个琵琶腿)
土豆淀粉 2.5克
海盐 0.5克

娃娃菜 65克
姜粉 3克
麻油 5克
鱼露 5克
鲍鱼酱 10克
土豆淀粉 3克
白胡椒粉 0.1克


mince chicken thigh meat. season with 2.5g potato starch and 0.5g sea salt
mix till paste-y. set aside
琵琶腿肉剁碎后加入 2.5克土豆淀粉和 0.5克海燕
拌至起胶 ~ 备用  chop up baby wongbok and mix in the rest of the seasoning
add in to meat paste and incorporate well
cling wrap and chill for at least 30mins
盖上保鲜膜、冷藏至少 30分钟 mix all dough ingredients and allow to proof till double in size ~ you should get a honeycomb texture
(do not knead till window pane. you won’t be able to as well cos the dough is very sticky)
(无需揉出膜~也无法揉出膜因为面团真的很粘手)divide dough into 8 portions
GREASE hands well (look at the picture and see how oily my hands are)
place in a portion of filling and seal seams well
面团分割成 8等份
摆入一份内馅、封口收好 pour a bit of oil into a heated pan
place in pancakes and fry over low heat, flipping only when one side has browned
(takes me about 6-7 mins per pancake)
(全程约 6-7分钟一个饼)

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

– dough is very sticky. so it’s crucial to keep hands greased. if you get bits of dough stuck on your fingers, take the effort to wash them off, otherwise things will just get messier and messier

– you can change the filling to your liking. i wanted to add salted fish to this filling but couldn’t find it anywhere

– adjust seasoning according to personal preference

– i don’t use corn starch at home but you can substitute potato starch with corn starch

– i found that the best way of transferring the shaped pancakes to the frying pan is by using 2 SILICON spatulas

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