recipe adapted & modified from Chef J. KENJI LÓPEZ-ALT

1kg organic potato
1.25 tbsp fine sea salt
2 tbsp distilled white vinegar
2L water


有机土豆 1kg
海盐 1.25大匙
白醋 2大匙
水 2公升


peel potato. slice & trim into 0.6 x 0.6cm shoestring shape
soak trimmed potato in cold water whilst you finish cutting up all potato
土豆去皮、修成 0.6 x 0.6厘米长条
切过的土豆条净泡凉水至所有土豆切完为止 drain off water and place potato into a clean pot with 2L water, 2 tbsp vinegar and 1.25 tbsp sea salt
bring water to a rolling boil and continue boiling till potato is soft (but does not break apart)
(took me about 4.5 mins after water boils)
place fries apart on kitchen towel to air dry
(i dried for 20 mins)
净泡土豆的水倒掉。将土豆条放入汤锅,加入 2公升水、2大匙白醋和 1.25大匙海盐
(水沸腾后我续煮了 4.5分钟)
(我用了 20分钟)heat oil in fryer to 190°C
place fries in a single layer and fry for about 50 seconds
remove from fryer and set on rack to cool to room temperature (about 30 mins)
(i cooked all the fries in 4 batches)
将油炸锅内的油加热至 190°C
土豆条码成一层、放入炸锅,炸 50秒
起锅,待回温(约 30分钟)
(这个量的土豆,我分 4次炸)place fries back to fryer. make sure oil temperature in fryer is 190°C
deep fry fries for 3-3.5mins or till golden brown (i fried for 3 mins 20seconds)
serve immediately ~ very very crispy
(you can choose to further season with salt but i think the saltiness is just nice)
土豆条烦炸(烦炸前确保炸锅的油已达到 190°C)
烦炸 3-3.5分钟(我炸了3分20秒)
(享用前可撒上少许盐。不过我觉得这个咸度非常OK 了)

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