ingredients (makes 4)

green portion (durian husk)
300g bread flour
4g instant dry yeast
4g sea salt
20g sugar
155g spinach juice (blend 95g baby spinach leaves with 80g water ~ DO NOT SIEVE)
45-55g whipping cream (i used 45g)
*note: green dough cannot be too hydrated, otherwise the husk will not take shape

white portion (durian flesh)
150g bread flour
30g beaten egg
60g whipping cream
35g milk
10g sugar
2g sea salt
2g instant dry yeast

durian paste
400g mao shan wang durian puree/flesh (i use MSW because it’s very sweet on it’s own, hence no further sugar is added to the paste)
1 + 2 tbsp oil

食材(可做 4个)

面包粉 300克
即溶干酵母 4克
海盐 4克
糖 20克
菠菜汁 155克(将 95克娃娃菠菜和 85克水搅拌成汁 ~ 无需过筛)
淡奶油 45-55克(我用了 45克)

面包粉 150克
蛋液 30克
淡奶油 60克
牛奶 35克
糖 10克
海盐 2克
即溶干酵母 2克

油 1 + 2大匙


place 1 tbsp oil into heated pan and add in durian puree
fry over a course of 20-30 mins over low heat, adding in the other 2 tbsp of oil as needed
paste is ready when it is dry and shiny
allow to cool and divide into 8 portions
以小火翻炒约 20-30分钟。翻炒过程加入2大匙油(一勺一勺加入)
待凉、分割成 8等份 knead both green & white portion dough till pliable and window pane stage
将绿色和白色面团各别揉至拓展装 divide green dough into 4 portions & white dough into 8 portions
rest for 30 mins
绿色面团分割成 4等份、白色面团分割成 8等份
静置 30分钟 roll white dough into a disc and in filling
mould into shape of durian flesh
捏成榴莲肉形状 roll green dough into a disc & place in 2 portions of flesh
mould into durian shape
封口捏紧、捏出榴莲形状 place shaped dough onto lightly greased baking tray
i used my dough scraper to make an indent on the buns so some buns will look like a durian with split husk
我用了面团挂刀压上条纹~这样烤出的面包会貌似榴莲壳儿裂开的样子 proof dough till 1.5x original size & make snips on dough
(make sure your snips are as close as each other as possible since dough will expand during baking, causing snips to expand apart)
面团发酵至原面团的 1.5倍、剪出榴莲刺
(每个榴莲刺越靠近越好。因为面团会在烘焙过程中膨胀、刺会分开)just like that
就是这样 bake in lower rack of 180° C preheated oven for 20 mins
(baking temperature & time for reference only)
送入预热至 180° C最底层烤箱烤 20分钟即可
(烘焙温度和时间仅供参考)mouthful of durian paste!
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