ingredients (makes 11 halved orange-cup cakes)

35g egg yolk
30g caster sugar
25ml coconut oil
52g orange puree (see below for instructions)
10g sweetened condense milk
35g cake flour, sieved twice

72g egg white
10g caster sugar

6 + 1 fresh oranges (6 to be used as baking cups, and 1 for orange puree) 食材(可做 11个切半的香橙杯)

蛋黄 35克
细砂糖 30克
椰油 25毫升
香橙泥 52克
甜炼奶 10克
蛋糕粉 35克、过筛两次

蛋白 72克
细砂糖 10克

香橙 6 + 1 (6个做香橙杯、1 个做香橙泥)


wash an orange thoroughly
place orange in saucepan and cover with water
bring to boil and simmer till orange is soft
allow to cool slightly
(you can poke a skewer through)
cut the other 6 oranges into halves and remove the flesh
the way i do it: slice along the circumference of oranges, and then quarter the flesh
use fingers to pull the flesh out
snip off the pith
set aside
将另 6个香橙切半、起肉
我的方法: 刀子沿着果肉外围刮一圈
果肉切成 4份
剪去橙皮髓、备用chop cooked orange roughly and blend till smooth
weigh out 52g
承出 52克 beat egg yolk slightly then add in caster sugar
mix well and add in coconut oil
mix well, then add in condense milk and orange puree
incorporate well
add in sieved flour and mix till batter is no longer lumpy
加入过筛的面粉,拌至无颗粒 beat egg whites till frothy then add in 10g caster sugar
beat till stiff and shiny peaks
蛋白打至鱼眼泡后加入 10克细砂糖
打发至湿润、硬性状  add one third portion of egg white meringue into egg yolk batter
fold well then pour entire egg yolk batter into remaining egg white meringue
fold to incorporate
翻拌均匀即可 place orange cups into a muffin tin
spoon batter equally into cups till 80% height of orange cups
面糊均匀勺入香橙杯至 8分满 bake chiffon cake in second lowest rack of 130 degrees C preheated oven for 40min
turn off top heat and continue baking for another 12 mins (total baking time 52 mins)
(baking time and temperature for reference only)
送入预热至 130摄氏度倒数第二层烤箱烤 40分钟
熄掉上火、仅下火续烤 12分钟(全程烘焙时间 52分钟)

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

– please use fresh oranges for this recipe for otherwise, your orange puree will end up dry, and the orange cups will be too soft to withstand the baking

– i used medium sized oranges


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