how can I not join in this giraffe craze? “炒得” 火辣的吐司,我能不玩儿么 recipe source/原食谱取自于: 爱料理 中文食谱和做法图解请参考以上爱料理链接 ingredients  300g bread flour 10g sugar 10g unsalted butter 1g salt 180g water 1 tsp instant dry yeast 30g dark chocolate chips, melted Directions – mix all ingredients together (except butter) and knead till you get a dough – incorporate butter, knead till window pane stage – remove 140g dough.[…]


I love the “G” brand banana & walnut toast i’d always wanted to create a loaf that taste like that this toast, was an amazing creation because i was trying to use up all the bits of ingredients lying around 自儿时就特喜爱 “G” 牌子的香蕉核桃吐司特别 因此一直很想能做出一个类似美味儿的吐司 说起来你可能不信。。其实偶是想将厨房那许多一滴点儿的食材消耗掉,所以这吐司就诞生了 Ingredients (450g loaf pan) A 340g very strong bread flour 20g cake flour 4g instant dry yeast 22g coconut sugar 28g[…]


 toast, is one of the most popular posts visited in my blog and today, i collated the top five most popular toasts .. did you miss any of these? 吐司篇在我家是极受欢迎的博文 今天就上个吐司篇。。首五名最受欢迎吐司。。问你做了么? ˚₊*(ˊॢo̶̶̷̤◡ुo̴̶̷̤ˋॢ)*₊˚⁎ chef nishikawa’s 85% hydration sesame toast / 西川功晃芝麻吐司 (含水量85%)   hokkaido milk chocolate marbled loaf / 北海道牛奶巧克力大理石吐司   yet another japanese soft rich bread / 又见日式超软吐司 super soft cranberry bread / 超软蔓越莓吐司 soft buttery danish loaf /[…]


Ingredients (bakes in a 450g loaf pan) 300g very strong bread flour 25g sugar 3g salt 30g butter 3g instant dry yeast 220g milk * reduce as necessary if using normal bread flour 1 1/3tsp matcha powder 食材(可用 450克吐司烤盘烘烤) 特高筋面粉 300克 糖 25克 盐 3克 黄油 30克 即溶干酵母 3克 牛奶 220克*如用普通高筋面粉,请将牛奶适当减量 绿茶粉 1 1/2小匙 Directions/做法 – mix matcha powder with some warm water to form matcha[…]


these days, i stopped using my favourite 450g loaf pan to bake my bread because i’m simply in love with mushroom head actually it’s really easy to create the mushroom head effect ~ simply use a (smaller) normal pound cake pan when the volume of the dough exceeds the capacity of the pan, BOOM.. the head is born 近期咋们家那 450克烤盘失宠啦。。为啥?只因偶恋上了蘑菇头。。都是蘑菇头惹的祸。。 其实自制造这蘑菇头原理很简单~就用一个(较小)普通磅蛋糕烤盘 当面团体积大于烤盘容量时,无法往两侧伸张的面团就往上爬 然后哒哒哒哒!蘑菇头就诞生啦 Ingredients (my[…]


when Jasline of Foodie Baker invited me to be her guest baker, i was delighted so, this is from me, to you thanks again for inviting me 当 Foodie Baker的 Jasline 邀请我做她家的特邀烘焙师时,还真有点喜上眉梢 献上这份爱的礼物 感恩有你的邀请 Please hop over to Jasline’s for ingredients and instructions on preparing this lovely toast 蔓越莓吐司食材和做法,烦请拜访 Jasline 家 Win US$160 Paypal cash this Chinese New Year! 过个与众不同的春节 ~ 今年送您美金160元贝宝奖金哈 For the first time, 16 fabulous cooking bloggers[…]


i always enjoy shaping bread differently just to check out the outcome i like how this one turned out 😉 please hop here for original danish loaf recipe and shaping method 我喜欢玩面团。。我喜欢以用不同的整形方式察觉效果 这个效果、我 likey 原汁原味儿金砖食谱和整形方式可参考此链接 Recipe adapted from 爱和自由 Ingredients 244g bread flour 81g cake flour 16g cocoa powder 7g instant dry yeast 33g caster sugar 4g salt 10g milk powder 49g egg 16g condensed milk[…]


this is my all time favourite gluten free bread because it is so easy to prepare and absolutely delicious yes.. if you are on my Facebook, this is the bread i bring along whenever i travel erm..uh-huh.. i have the habit of bringing my home baked bread whenever i fly this time, i incorporated cut out gingerbread man turkey ham into the loaf 嗯,这乃俺最喜欢滴无面筋吐司包。。不费时间,又好吃 如您是偶脸谱好友,的确,这就是你在偶脸谱里看到随我四处飞翔滴面包。。[…]


just arrived back in beijing last night and had to get busy with hubby’s breakfast i saw this on cookpad a while back and couldn’t wait to get started and as i happily baked away, i made a mistake which ended up to be a blessing disguise.. i inadvertently used cake flour instead of bread flour.. did it come out well? oh yes…. so well..[…]


yes, i’m into the starter dough craze these days… 是滴。。最近偶家再次吹起这五千元老式面包风潮 ……(⌒_⌒;) Recipe Ingredients Starter dough 105g high protein/bread flour 45g low protein/cake flour 12g trehalose 3g instant dry yeast 120g water Main dough 84g high protein/bread flour 45g low protein/cake flour 21g cocoa powder 30g trehalose * increase quantity to 45g and use sugar if you like a sweet toast 1/2 tsp salt 12g hot[…]

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