saw this recipe when i was web surfing.. i thought it was really interesting.. and as i was through making it… it just dawned on me.. did i just not make a cotton cake? 某天在网上看见这么一个食谱~有趣~~有趣~~ 做着做着~~不就是棉花蛋糕么? recipe adapted with modifications/食谱经调整取自于: 爱料理 ingredients (8 inch square pan, lined with parchment paper) 100g unsalted butter 140g cake flour, sifted twice 150g full cream milk 40g mirin (omit[…]


i love anything that has a mushroom head (some call it dome shaped).. i made mushroom head muffins… mushroom head bread and so i set out to make a mushroom head ogura cake 我非常喜欢蘑菇头么么。。 之前做了蘑菇头马芬和蘑菇头吐司方包 那。。相思蛋糕也应该口以蘑菇一下吧? ingredients (use any ogura recipe. i am using classic pandan coconut ogura cake recipe) 60g egg yolk 55g egg 50ml coconut oil 60ml milk 20g coconut cream powder 70g[…]

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Ingredients (6 inch round pan with removable bottom ~ greasing & parchment paper not required) 80g egg yolk 50ml coconut oil 60ml milk 70g cake flour 160g egg white 50g caster sugar hae bee hiam, as appropriate. process till fine seaweed, 2 small rectangle pieces, chopped into small slices 食材(6 寸圆形活动底烤盘~无需抹油或铺烘焙纸) 蛋黄 80克 椰子油 50毫升 牛奶 60毫升 蛋糕粉 70克 蛋白 160克 绵白糖 50克 香辣虾米,适量。搅拌至细腻 海苔片,2小片(长方形),切成小条状 Directions/做法 –[…]

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ingredients (6 inch square pan, lined) 75g egg yolk 65 egg 3/4 tbsp vanilla paste 60g coconut oil 100g full cream milk, boiled 135g kit kat 25g cocoa powder, sifted 48g cake flour, sifted 160g egg white 70g caster sugar 食材(6寸方形烤盘、铺上烘焙纸) 蛋黄 75克 鸡蛋 65克 香草糊 3/4大匙 椰子油 60克 全脂奶 100克、烧开 kit kat 巧克力 135克 可可粉 25克、过筛 蛋糕粉 48克、过筛 蛋白 160克 绵白糖 70克 Directions/做法 chop[…]


seem familiar? yes i cannot get enough of this.. so i incorporated an super ripe banana into this recipe 似曾相识? 是咯。。人家就是喜欢这款蛋糕。。这回在这食谱加入了一条超熟滴香蕉! ingredients (6 inch cake pan with removable base, no need to grease or line) 35g unsalted butter 35g cake flour 15g black cocoa powder 50g condense milk 60g egg yolk c. 3 large egg yolk 95g eggs c. 2 medium eggs 60g mashed banana[…]


this cake is awesome.. living up to its name.. thanks Cheryl, for this wonderful cake 这蛋糕,香毙了。。名符其实的瑜伽蛋糕 谢谢 Cheryl 无私分享 please hop over to Cheryl’s post for recipe and detailed pictorial 食谱和做法请参考 Cheryl 家的博文 Personal notes/温馨小贴士: – i used a 7 inch square pan 我用了 7寸方形烤盘 – i baked mine (WATER BATH, not steam bath. cake pan was floating a little in the bigger roasting pan~[…]

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ingredients (6 inch round pan with removable bottom) 80g egg yolk (c. 4 large egg yolk) 50g coconut oil (feel free to substitute) 85g bailey chocolat luxe 10g cocoa powder 55g cake flour 1 tbsp espresso powder 160g egg white (c. 4 large egg white) 60g caster sugar 30g finger biscuits 食材(6寸圆形活动底烤盘) 蛋黄 80克(约 4颗大蛋黄) 椰子油  50克(可用其它素油替代) 巧克力百利酒 85克 可可粉 10克 蛋糕粉 55克 浓缩咖啡粉 1大匙 蛋白 160克(约 4颗大蛋白)[…]


have you tried this today? no? then you bettaaaa…. it’s really good 今天做了么?还木有?赶紧开炉。。真的好次! recipe adapted with modifications from/食谱经调整取自于:Baking Taitai ingredients (6 inch round pan with removable bottom) 40g egg yolk c. 2 large egg yolk 40ml coconut oil 62g cake flour, sifted twice 100g cream cheese, diced 100ml full cream milk 140g egg white c. 3.5 large egg white 60g caster sugar 食材(6寸圆形活动底烤盘) 蛋黄 40克,约[…]


ingredients (6 inch round pan, with removable bottom) 80g egg yolk c. 4 large egg yolk 50ml coconut oil (corn oil ok) 10ml milk 60ml coconut milk (e.g. ayam brand) 10g coconut cream powder 70g cake flour, sifted twice 160g egg white c. 4 large egg white 60g sugar 食材(6寸圆形活动底烤盘) 蛋黄 80克,约 4颗大蛋黄 椰子油 50毫升(粟油 OK) 牛奶 10毫升 椰浆 60毫升(例如 ayam 牌子) 浓缩椰浆粉 10克 蛋糕粉[…]


i have been trying to perfect this cake for a very long time.. i made many mistakes, and tried many recipes.. by this post, i aim to share my experiences in baking “that” perfect hot cross cake and passing you all this hot cross dust… looking forward to see your successful one too 这款拜拜蛋糕,在家以试 N 次。。拜了又 bye。。bye 了再拜。。失败了 N 次 这次记载我之前的经验也希望这篇博文能让您拜拜成功! (。・//u//・。) Ingredients (6 inch round[…]

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