recipe source adapted with modifications from/原食谱(经调整)取自于:大榴莲网 ingredients (6 inch round pan with removable base ~ ungreased. wrap bottom with aluminium foil) A 60g egg yolk (c. 3 egg yolk) 60g whole egg (c. 1 egg) 50g freshly squeezed orange juice zest from 2 oranges B 40g coconut oil (or any vegetable oil) 50g cake flour, sifted twice C 120g egg white (c. 3 egg white)[…]


ingredients (7 inch square pan, greased & lined) 200g vanilla yogurt, room temperature 40g coconut oil (can be substituted with vegetable oil) 80g egg yolk 45g egg 1 tsp vanilla paste 40g cake flour 25g potato starch 200g cold egg white 80g light brown sugar 40g 2-in-1 coffee powder dissolved in 1 tbsp hot water 食材(7寸方形烤盘抹油、铺烤纸) 香草味儿酸奶 200克, 室温 椰子油 40克(或以素油替代) 蛋黄 80克 蛋液 45克[…]


haven’t been drawing on me cakes for a long time.. what an ugly drawing anywayz.. can’t slice the cake as it is a birthday cake for church members 太长时间木有绘画。。。丑得不行。。。 anywayz, 蛋糕就不切片了。。是送教友的生日蛋糕 Ingredients (8 inch square pan with removable base) A 100g full cream milk 180g nutella B 100g egg yolk (c. 5 large egg yolk) 60g whole egg (net weight) 60g coconut oil 25g cocoa[…]


forgive me for i am totally in love with this cake 原谅偶。。因为偶对这款蛋糕不仅一见钟情。。。还日久深情啦 (´・` )♡ Ingredients (makes a 6 inch round cake with removable base) 35g melted coconut oil  50g top flour 1 tbsp homemade pandan paste 10g coconut cream powder 50g coconut milk * i used kara brand 3 egg yolk 2 eggs *net weight of both my eggs is 94g 3 egg white 45g castor sugar  食材(可做一个[…]


what am i up to? no idea… i love the texture of light cheesecake.. and the lightness of an ogura cake and so.. i decided to marry the both was quite tough for me to name this… which one comes first? 又干啥啦?不知道。。 就喜欢轻乳酪蛋糕的口感、又想念相思蛋糕轻弹的感觉 要不。。来个双剑合并? 起名还真够变扭。。是相思还是乳酪蛋糕哈? ingredients (7 inch square pan ~ non removable bottom ones preferred. grease & line pan) A 120g cream cheese, diced[…]


Ingredients (7 inch square pan ~ non removable base preferred) A 200g vanilla yogurt (feel free to use your preferred flavoured yogurt) 48g coconut oil B 80g egg yolk 45g egg 1 tsp vanilla extract C 40g cake flour 24g potato starch (you can also use corn starch) * sift C together twice D 200g cold egg white 75g sugar 食材(7寸方形模 ~ 尽量用固定底模子) A 香草酸奶[…]


frankly, this cake baked up really high up.. and then something must go wrong just as i walked away after reverting and placing the cake pan between 2 mugs to cool i heard a loud “thump”…. habis…. i knew what happened.. the cake fell flat right onto the table 老实说哈,这蛋糕一出炉的确是个不折不扣的高美人 就在倒扣于两个杯子顶部冷却后,走不远。。。“塔” 的一声 完了。。。 不出我所料。。蛋糕,跳楼了。。 你呀你!怎么那么看不开哈 Recipe adapted & modified from 爱厨房的幸福之味 Ingredients (makes a 6 inch round[…]


the passing of robin williams is a great loss and i remember absolutely loving his Mrs. Doubtfire… i think i watched it more than 100x anyways.. in the recent months, i have received a lot of questions on painting on cakes.. if i had stencils or how i did it.. it’s all free hand.. i’m not truly good with it, but in this post, i’ll[…]

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