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old school iced gem biscuits ~ highly recommended 儿时的回忆~肚脐饼/花占饼干 ~强推

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i’m highly recommending this because.. oh boy… does it taste like the KG brand! well done on this Phay Shing! 为啥强推这食谱?这饼干还真是勾起儿时的回忆~儿时那康 X 品牌饼干的口味儿.. Phay Shing, 给你三十二个赞! recipe adapted with modifications/食谱经调整取自于:…

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tze char’s favourite: kyoto pork ribs (jin du pai gu) ~ highly recommended 煮炒必点:京都排骨~强推

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what about making one of tze char’s favourite ~ kyoto pork ribs for reunion dinner? 在愁团圆饭吃啥?要不给家人做个煮炒必点菜肴~ 京都排骨骨骨(回音) recipe adapted with modifications from/食谱经调整取自于: ieatishootipost ingredients (A) 610g pork chops 1/2 tbsp…

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