pandan egg tartlet ~ highly recommended 迷你班兰蛋挞仔 ~ 强推

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recipe adapted from here with changes noted in personal notes below 食谱请参考此链接并注意以下温馨小贴士 Personal notes/温馨小贴士: – i halved the recipe and made 13 mini tarts (diameter 5.5cm) 这次做了半份食谱,做了 13个迷你蛋挞仔 (模子直径为 5.5厘米)…

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cream cheese lapis legit & surabaya layered cake ~ highly recommended 苏拉巴亚奶油奶酪千层蛋糕 ~ 强推

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a cake that takes effort but worth the effort.. if you break this up into a 2 days bake, it ain’t that bad afterall 一款有够折腾但令人十分满足的蛋糕。。分两天做,就不觉得那么累了哈 Original recipe source adapted &…

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