ingredients (makes 8) 25g egg yolk 99g condense milk 115g cake flour 2.5g baking powder 120g red bean paste black sesame seeds, as appropriate 食材(可做 8只小猪) 蛋黄液 25克 炼奶 99克 蛋糕粉 115克 泡打粉 2.5克 红豆沙馅 120克 黑芝麻、适量 Directions/做法 mix egg yolk with condense milk 蛋黄液和炼奶混合均匀 sift in flour and baking powder mix till you get a soft dough do not overknead cover with cling wrap[…]


ingredients (450g loaf pan, greased) 250g bread flour 10g cocoa powder 40g caster sugar 3g salt 3g instant dry yeast 165g water 25g egg 18g butter 食材(450克吐司模、抹油) 面包粉 250克 可可粉 10克 绵白糖 40克 盐 3克 即溶干酵母 3克 水 165克 蛋液 25克 黄油 18克 Directions/做法 mix all ingredients (except butter) together and knead till everything comes together this is how my dough looks like after 10[…]


some of the many animals in my “farm” wahahahaha 出自俺家哒小动物。。VB VB had a farm… yee ya yee ya oooo baby seal chocolate cream bun 海豹BB巧克力酱餐包 bak kwa bread roll 肉干餐包  baby elephant ham & cheese bread 象宝宝火腿奶酪餐包  soft hippo breakfast rolls 河马软餐包 japanese custard bun 日式卡仕达面包 baby reindeer chocolate buns 驯鹿宝宝巧克力面包 5 thousand-dollar starter dough luncheon meat & egg breakfast bun 五千元餐蛋老式面包 hi-calcium pig-pig milk bread[…]

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came back from tokyo recently and am glad to find them offering more gluten free bakes 近期上了东京一趟。。不错不错。。 花现商品店越来越多不含麸质食品。。哦耶 ingredients 100g rice flour 50g almond powder 30g potato starch 45g icing sugar 60g macadamia oil (rice bran oil works well too) 60ml soya milk 3/4 tsp 2-in-1 coffee mix + 1/2 tsp hot water 1 tsp cocoa powder + 1 tsp hot water 食材 粘米粉 100克[…]


ingredients  170g butter 50g black sesame paste 125g coconut flower sugar 225g eggs (c. 4 eggs) 1 tbsp vanilla paste 185g coconut milk (i used ayam brand) 35g sour cream 300g cake flour, sifted 3/4 tsp baking powder 1/4 tsp salt 55g desiccated coconut 50g walnuts, toasted and coarsely chopped 10g black sesame seeds, toasted  食材 黄油 170克 黑芝麻糊 50克 椰子花糖 125克 蛋液 225克(约 4颗鸡蛋)[…]


ingredients (makes about 20 mini snacks) 30g egg yolk 10g full cream milk 8g vegetable/salad oil 1 tsp vanilla extract 10g cake flour 5g potato starch (corn starch ok) 45g egg white 25g caster sugar filling red bean paste, as appropriate 食材(可做约 20个小蛋糕) 蛋黄液 30克 全脂奶 10克 素油/沙拉油 8克 香草精 1小匙 蛋糕粉 10克 片粟粉 5克(粟粉 OK) 蛋白 45克 绵白糖 25克 内馅 红豆沙、适量 Directions/做法 add vanilla[…]


ingredients (14 x 11 inch pan, greased & lined) swiss roll 4 large eggs 95g caster sugar 1 tsp coffee oil (coffee extract ok) 40g full cream milk 15g butter, melted and cooled 25g 2-in-1 white coffee powder (i highly recommend Super brand) 60g cake flour filling 280g raw cashews, soaked overnight & rinsed 100g soya milk (any nut milk also OK) 60ml honey 4[…]

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ingredients (makes 6) 120g full cream milk 80g milo powder (divided into 70g + 10g portions) 75g butter, melted and cooled 1 large egg 10g cocoa powder 180g cake flour 2 tsp baking powder 60g sugar mini marshmallows, as appropriate (optional) finishing mini marshmallows, snipped into small pieces (optional) 食材(可做6个) 全脂奶 120克 美禄饮料粉 80克(分割成 70克+10克等份) 黄油 75克、溶化并冷却 鸡蛋 1大颗 可可粉 10克 蛋糕粉 180克 泡打粉 2小匙[…]


ingredients (makes 5 buns) dough 150g bread flour 30g glutinous rice flour 25g caster sugar 1g salt 3g instant dry yeast 35g egg 100g full cream milk 20g butter red bean paste filling (feel free to use store bought) 300g unsweetened cooked red bean (net weight after draining away water) 40g coconut flower sugar *preferred. dark brown sugar is fine 100g full cream milk 45g[…]


 ingredients (makes about 15 cones) 150g butter 110g sugar 180g egg c. 3 large eggs 1 tsp vanilla paste 60ml full cream milk 1 tbsp distilled vinegar 60g cake flour 20g cocoa powder 1 tsp baking powder 1/4 tsp baking soda 100g nestum 15 ice cream cones 食材(可做约 15个) 黄油 150克 糖 110克 蛋液 180克、约 3颗大鸡蛋 香草糊 1小匙 全脂奶 60毫升 白醋 1大匙 蛋糕粉 60克 可可粉[…]

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