winter seem to be arriving much earlier than it supposed to have.. it’s so chilly… plus central heating has not come on… so the average room temperature, is 5 degrees C… ꒰⌯͒•ɷ•⌯͒꒱ brrrrrrr…. this is the best weather to make anything laminated dough… Recipe adapted and translated from Jenny’s Delicacy (further adapted from Alex Goh’s The World of Bread) Ingredients (makes 16 normal sized croissants or 32[…]


pandan leaves are readily available anywhere back at home in Singapore… but here in beijing… it’s a nightmare… .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·. i have to travel so far out just to buy them from one particular shop… so these are really gem to me and i do try to make different things with it if and when i get my hands on these leaves. For original tau sar piah,[…]


i hardly make any savoury pastries at home, mainly because sweetness is a preferred taste…  but this i had wanted to make for a while… just lazy to fry the filling, make the dough, wrap etc etc… (^_-) Recipe adapted from Jane’s Corner Ingredients Water dough 240g plain flour 45g corn oil/veg oil 1 tbsp fine sugar 108ml water Oil dough 120g low protein flour 85g[…]


i guess these will be my final batch of mooncakes for this year… i started off with the traditional mooncakes, followed by the snowskin, and am closing the mid autumn bake with a swirly mooncake.. now this i like… and it taste the best when freshly baked from oven Original dough recipe from Carol Ingredients (makes 12) Oil dough 200g all purpose flour 15g icing[…]


i have been wanting to make this again since i last made it in 2010… however (as frustrating as it can be), i really couldn’t find winter melon candy… so when i came across this recipe on 贝太厨房 which uses dessicated coconut, i was over the moon. Plus, this pastry is really easy to handle… (o⌒.⌒o) 中文食谱请参考以上贝太厨房连接 Original recipe adapted and translated from 贝太厨房 中文食谱请参考以上贝太厨房连接 Oil dough[…]


i have been thinking of making tau sar piah for a very long time  (the last time i made it was 3 years ago… oh ya, that long… because this is seriously labour intensive)… what’s stopping me again? as always in beijing, you cannot find anything you want…. i needed peeled mung beans (they call it 绿豆片 in chinese) during my last trip in bangkok,[…]

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