ingredients (makes about 20) dough skin 200g crystal mix flour (also called crystal dessert mix) 45g wheat starch 4g sea salt 300g boiling water 37g shallot oil (oil used to fry shallots) filling 200g cooked shrimp meat 200g chives 100g toasted peanuts 50g char siew (click here for recipe) ground black pepper & sea salt to taste 食材(可做 20颗) 水晶皮 水晶粉 200克 澄面 45克 海盐[…]


ingredients (makes 6 small carp) 100g glutinous rice flour 20g wheat starch 40g sugar 50ml water 90ml coconut milk ( i used ayam brand) orange-red food colouring pumpkin powder dark cocoa power 食材(可做 6小条鲤鱼年糕) 糯米粉 100克 澄面粉 20克 糖 40克 水 50毫升 椰浆 90毫升(我用 Ayam 牌) 橙红色素粉 南瓜粉 黑可可粉 Directions/做法 – sift both flour & wheat starch together in a bowl 分类食材过筛 – place sugar and[…]


recipe source/原食谱取自于: 飞雪无霜 ingredients (makes 9) 60g mung bean powder 80g cake flour 45g coconut oil 35g sugar  finishing sesame oil 食材(可做 9个) 绿豆粉 60克 蛋糕粉 80克 椰子油 45克 白糖 35克 收尾 芝麻油 Directions/做法: – mix & sift both mung bean powder and cake flour together 绿豆粉和蛋糕粉混合过筛 – steam over high heat for 20 mins. the steamed flour mixture will be hard. use a fork[…]


i really love those malay curry puffs that i used to buy from the school canteen.. it was.. 20? 30 cents? what a thing of the past.. this recipe was one of those that i had been looking for.. i love the little “pimples” on the curry puffs so, if you are looking for this kind of recipe, i encourage you to try this, and[…]


Original recipe adapted with modifications/根据原食谱另做调整: Echo’s Kitchen Ingredients (makes a 6 inch square pan cake ~ or feel free to use your desired pan) A 130g custard powder 150g sugar + 35g coconut palm sugar (feel free to use white sugar) 250g coconut milk (i used kara brand) pinch of salt B 265g sweet cream style corn kernel C 500ml water 食材(可做一个 6寸方形蛋糕~其实烤盘随意也行) A 卡仕达粉[…]


Ingredients (bakes in a 7 or 8 inch round pan) 250ml coconut milk 35g chopped pandan leaves 220g eggs (c. 4 eggs) 130g tapioca starch (this is the same as tapioca flour) 148g wheat starch 1/4 tsp salt 200g sugar (feel free to add more if you like a very sweet cake) 2 tsp double action baking powder 食材(可做一个 7或 8寸圆形蛋糕) 椰浆 250毫升 切碎班兰叶 25克[…]


Recipe adapted from 高Ling 的美食工作坊 Ingredients tapioca starch 250g rice flour 60g glutinous rice flour 15g sugar 220g coconut milk 400ml water 235g pandan leaves 12 pieces 食材 250克 木薯粉 60克 粘米粉 15克 糯米粉  220克 砂糖  椰浆 400毫升 水 235克 斑兰叶 12片 Directions/做法 – add sugar to water and heat up till sugar dissolve totally. divide sugar mixture into 2 equal portions. cool completely 砂糖加入水煮至溶化,分2等份、待凉备用[…]


Ingredients (makes 4 small huat kuey) 120g cake flour 5g baking powder 135g milk 90g nutella 食材(可做 4个小发糕) 蛋糕粉 120克 泡打粉 5克 牛奶 135克 巧克力榛果酱 90克 Directions/做法 – sift cake flour with baking powder 蛋糕粉和泡打粉混合过筛 – add milk to flour mixture and stir till there are no more lumps. batter is very thick and sticky 粉类食材加入牛奶,搅拌至无颗粒。面糊应偏浓稠 – add in nutella and mix well 拌入巧克力榛果酱 –[…]

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