lazy morning.. and decided to mess around in the kitchen with my spare egg white… 懒洋洋的上午,闲着无聊,找来蛋清先生折腾 ฅ( ͒ᵕ̳◡ᵕ̳ ͒)。o○ Ingredients (makes 10 pairs of macarons) 60g almond meal 70g icing sugar 50g egg white (divided into 33g and 17g) 40g caster sugar few drops of red food colouring filling ~ as desired 食材 (可做10个份) 杏仁粉60克 糖粉 70克 蛋白 50克 (分成33克和17克) 细砂糖40克 食用色素 (红色) 适量 馅料[…]

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