ingredients (makes 9) dough 200g bread flour 20g sugar 4g salt 20g butter 4g instant dry yeast 10g egg 95ml milk (+/- 10ml) 30ml water 100g butter kit kat, 9 individual wafers finishing 1 tbsp egg + 1 tbsp water 食材(可做 9个) 面团 面包粉 200克 糖 20克 盐 4克 黄油 20克 即溶干酵母 4克 蛋液 10克 牛奶 95毫升(+/- 10毫升) 水 30毫升 黄油 100克 kit kat,9 条[…]

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ingredients 250g taro (net weight), cubed 80g rice flour 5g wheat starch (a.k.a. dim sum flour) 7 small chinese mushrooms, soaked till soft and diced (do not throw the water used for soaking) 1 lup cheong (a.k.a. chinese sausage), diced 10g dried shrimp, soaked till soft (do not throw the water used for soaking) 40g dried scallop, soaked till soft and shredded (you can do[…]

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ingredients (makes 12) 1 large potato 12 prawns salt & pepper, as appropriate cake/all purpose flour, as appropriate 1 egg homemade bread crumb, as appropriate desiccated coconut, as appropriate (optional) 食材(可做 12颗) 土豆 一大颗 海虾 12只 盐、胡椒粉,适量 蛋糕粉/多用途面粉,适量 鸡蛋 一颗 自制面包糠,适量 干椰丝,适量(可免) Directions/做法 cut potato into big slices and bring to boil till they are soft 土豆切大片,水煮至软 shell and devein prawns 虾子去壳儿、去虾线 keep the tail[…]


ingredients (makes 4 rolls) 400g glutinous rice 2 tbsp oil * please read personal notes 2 chinese cruller (youtiao), cut into half * please read personal notes preserved vegetable, as appropriate meat floss, as appropriate 食材(可做 4条) 糯米饭 400克 油 2 大匙*请参考温馨小贴士 油条 2条,切半*请参考温馨小贴士 榨菜,适量 肉松,适量 Directions/做法 soak glutinous rice for at least an hour 糯米饭浸泡自少一小时 drain water away from rice, and drizzle in oil[…]

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and on monday, 2.22, we celebrate the last day of the chinese new year… what about some homemade dumplings? 2.22 又见元宵节。。。祝愿大家团团圆圆继续过个好肥年哈! ingredients  dough 200g glutinous rice flour (divided into 40g + 160g) 130g water (divided into 30g + 100g) 1 tbsp green tea powder 1 tbsp dark cocoa powder filling 180g fried black sesame 30g ground peanut (NOT peanut powder) 130ml coconut oil 90g coconut[…]

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ingredients (7 inch square pan) 600g tapioca (yellow meat) 150ml water 250ml thick coconut milk 150g sugar 50g tapioca starch, sifted 1 large banana leaf 食材(7寸方形烤盘) 木薯(黄肉)600克 水 150毫升 浓椰浆 250毫升 糖 150克 茨粉/木薯粉 50克,过筛 香蕉叶 1大片 Directions/做法 peel and wash tapioca. remove the core (see the wick?) if you do not remove this, the end result will be a lumpy cake texture 木薯去皮、洗净。掰开后,去心(看见芯了么?) 如不去除,烤出来的蛋糕口感不细腻。。粗糙哦[…]


let this be the pride of your reunion dinner’s table? 让这道孔雀开屏做您大年除夕餐桌上的骄傲? ingredients 1 blunt-snout bream a.k.a wuchang bream seasoning (add following according to personal preference) salt pepper chinese wine scallion, sliced ginger, sliced sauce 2 tbsp oyster sauce half rice bowl of water scallion, sliced ginger, sliced decoration cucumber, sliced cherry tomato, sliced chilli, sliced 食材 武昌鱼 1条 腌料(一个人口味儿适当加入) 盐 胡椒粉 料酒 大葱,切丝 姜,切丝 酱汁[…]


ingredients (makes twelve L 5.5 x W 2.0 x H 1.5cm candies) 200g high maltose syrup 50g caster sugar 30g water 20g egg white 20g hokkaido skim milk powder 20g horlicks 25g butter, softened 200g peanuts 食材(可做 12个 长 5.5 x 宽 2.0 x 高 1.5厘米牛乳糖) 水饴 200克 绵白糖 50克 水 30克 蛋白 20克 北海道脱脂奶粉 20克 好力克 20克 黄油 25克、软化 花生米 200克 Directions/做法 spread peanuts[…]


what about making one of tze char’s favourite ~ kyoto pork ribs for reunion dinner? 在愁团圆饭吃啥?要不给家人做个煮炒必点菜肴~ 京都排骨骨骨(回音) recipe adapted with modifications from/食谱经调整取自于: ieatishootipost ingredients (A) 610g pork chops 1/2 tbsp sesame oil 2 tsp sea salt 1 tbsp ginger juice 1/2 tsp white pepper 1 tsp chicken bouillon powder 1 tbsp chinese wine (B) 1 egg 1 tbsp custard powder (NOT instant custard powder) 1[…]


too good.. this is super yummy and easy to prepare 超好吃!太正啦 ingredients (serves 3-4) 200g long grain glutinous rice 1 piece of chinese sausage, diced 15g purple onion, diced 8 small chinese mushrooms, diced 20g dried scallops 5g spring onion (only the green part), chopped 5g coriander, chopped seasoning 2 tbsp light soy sauce 1/4 tsp black pepper 1/4 tsp chicken bouillion powder 1 tbsp[…]

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