Recipe adapted from Anncoo Journal Ingredients (makes a 7 inch square pudding) 250g coconut milk 500 ml water 1 packet (12g * mines is 10g) agar agar powder 120 sugar * i used 100g castor sugar 3 blades of pandan leaves, knotted * i added 85g boiled red beans 食材 (可做一个 7寸方形椰子糕) 椰浆 250克 水 300毫升 菜燕粉 1袋(12克 *我的为10克一袋) 糖 120克*我用了 100克绵白糖 班兰叶 3片,打结 *我另加了 85克水煮红豆 Directions/做法 – cook agar agar[…]


what time is it? the linky for this month’s Best Recipes #6: My Homemade cookies is now open… so it’s time to link up and join us in the fun 啥时间? 这期的最棒食谱 #6 の我的拿手曲奇饼干链接已开放。。 链接咯。。链接咯!!! Ingredients cappuccino cookie cup dough (makes 3 big cookie cups) 42g hot water 1/2 tbsp instant coffee granules 113.5g butter, softened 80g sugar 1/2 egg 1/2 tsp coffee oil (feel[…]

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